How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 21 2014

"Bed-In for Peace" participant ONO
"Bennie and the Jets" singer John ELTON
"Huckleberry Finn" character JIM
"James and the Giant Peach" author DAHL
"Now we're getting somewhere" AHA
"O beautiful ___ spacious skies . . ." FOR
"Pet" that takes water but no food CHIA
"So long" somewhere ADIOS
"___ Enchanted" (2004 film) ELLA
2000 Renee Zellweger title role IRENE
39.37 inches METER
Acid's opposite BASE
Again, but in a fresh way ANEW
Altar location APSE
Bay Area city OAKLAND
Beefy dish, often STEW
Bit of an uproar HOOHA
Black or fire gem OPAL
Bootlegger's product HOOCH
Breather REST
Brownish photograph tint SEPIA
Butterine OLEO
Carried or eroded by wind (var.) AEOLIAN
Cause resentment RANKLE
City on its own lake ERIE
Civil rights pioneer Parks ROSA
Common auxiliary verb ARE
Countesses' husbands EARLS
Dangers PERILS
Do a tugboat chore TOW
Dried root used as a drug JALAP
Earthy color OCHER
Emulates a star TWINKLES
Folk rocker DiFranco ANI
Foremost part of anything FRONT
From Dublin IRISH
Girl in Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers" LEILA
Guitar's older relative LUTE
Heaviest noble gas RADON
Hires a workforce STAFFS
Hot chocolate addition, sometimes MINIMARSHMALLOW
In cartoons, a whistle may follow it SNORE
It has many lawyers ABA
Jazz it up? VAMP
Kind of tea PEKOE
Kolkata dress SARI
Las Vegas illumination NEON
Like a desert ARID
Mailed away SENT
Makes it to the finish LASTS
Minimal amount of rain DROP
Ocean bottom FLOOR
Parasitic insects NITS
Partner of turf SURF
Porcelain tableware CHINA
Regretful one RUER
Reporter's contact SOURCE
Resurrection Day flower LILY
Run ___ of the law AFOUL
Salsa musician Puente TITO
School group, for short PTA
Skater's milieu RINK
Spot of illness? MEASLE
State of living alone SOLITUDE
Superior or Huron LAKE
Target of obscenity laws SMUT
They were picked in the '60s AFROS
Thing to do before driving APPLYFORAPERMIT
Twin of fiction NAN
Uninteresting types SHMOES
Wang the designer VERA
What a dangerous "road" leads to? RUIN
What people have in yards ALES
What to do with an overhead STOW
Word hyphenated with ran ALSO
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