How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 16 2019

'After that . . .' then
'Ain't happenin'!' nah
'Cheap Thrills' singer sia
'Hair' hairdo afro
'She loves me . . .' unit petal
'Show Me the Way' singer Frampton peter
Angst-ridden genre emo
Annoyingly overconfident toocleverbyhalf
As it's happening live
As much as possible tothenthdegree
Assent on deck aye
Attempt at a score shot
Bartlett's abbr anon
Bike in a Beach Boys song honda
Bit of sarcasm snark
Black-bordered article, perhaps obit
Blood-related akin
Burger topper onion
Combo three times the size of a 3-Down nonet
Comes down in buckets teems
Corp. top dog ceo
December air noel
Didn't dawdle sped
Direct deposit, briefly eft
Driftwood carrier tide
Eclipse effect halo
Election Day day (Abbr.) tue
Enjoy a trail hike
Equestrian's handful rein
Father of Thor odin
Flat, in a way twodimensional
Gas station adjunct, often mart
Gloomy guy? gus
It hides the gray dye
It may result in a fall trip
James ___ Polk knox
Like JFK's military service naval
Like sugar-free soda diet
Literally, 'high wood' oboe
Loosen, as trousers letout
Lounger's attire robe
Many univ. lab instructors tas
Mideast bigwig emir
Midsize Hyundai sonata
Miracle food in Exodus manna
Morocco's capital rabat
Needing a chill pill tense
Nile Valley slitherer asp
Not for the squeamish gory
Not many afew
On the briny atsea
Overplay the part emote
Pinta partner nina
Place for a loaf breadbox
Place to perch roost
Provoke with a dare eggon
Pull up stakes, informally relo
Raconteur's delivery tale
Rancher's nightmare stampede
RPM part per
Salt's 'Halt!' avast
Same old same old monotony
SAT section math
Shire of 'Rocky' movies talia
Sitcom track sound laughter
Six-legged soldier ant
Smallish combo trio
Son of Aphrodite eros
Sporty Italian cars, briefly alfas
Starbuck's captain ahab
Storied Highlands loch ness
Street cred rep
Suffix with Marx or Lenin ism
The in crowd elite
Turn to slush melt
Unsettled issues ifs
You may keep them peeled eyes
___ Liverpool (English gallery) tate
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