How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 14 2019

'Able was I . . .' subject napoleon
'Aeneid' author virgil
'Beloved' author Morrison toni
'Big Yellow Taxi' singer Mitchell joni
'Carmen' composer Georges bizet
'Don't need any more' imset
'Long' or 'short' amount ton
'Musta been someone else!' notme
'Pay attention!' listen
2.5 miles, at Indy onelap
7-Down-shaped pasta orzo
BART part area
Baseball bat wood maple
Biblical lion slayer samson
Bored with it all jaded
Bothers persistently nagsat
Business mag since 1979 inc
Cher, vocally alto
Chewie's chum in 'Star Wars' han
Chord components notes
City north of Salt Lake City ogden
Do lunch together, say meet
Dueler's attendant second
Falls asleep, with 'off' nods
Foam finger sporter fan
Food served in a bed rice
For the asking free
Form of vitamin A retinol
Frank of the original 'Ocean's Eleven' sinatra
Gatherings of witches covens
Gets really steamed boils
Glass prosthetic eye
Grab a snack nosh
Gradually decline ebb
Grammy winner for '25' adele
Harsh grilling thirddegree
Hoedown seats bales
Hunter's hangout lodge
Insert into the lineup use
IPA part ale
IRS submission option efile
Jouster's suit armor
Keaton of 'The Family Stone' diane
Language in Y2K news cobol
Letter after pi rho
Like a rainbow arced
Mandela's org anc
Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz latino
McJob doer, e.g peon
Mercy-rule game, e.g romp
Minnesota's 10,000 lakes
Nemo's milieu sea
Not masc. or neut fem
Nov. honoree vet
One of a carol duo turtledove
Pipe organ part pedal
Place for an art exhibition salon
Planet, to a poet orb
Played out banal
Popular printers epsons
Qualified to play eligible
Scratch or dent mar
Sensitive bit of information statesecret
Shelter adoptees pets
Snap-together bricks legos
Soothe, as fears allay
Source of 21-Across tap
Spanker supporter mast
Stains on a record blots
Take the trouble bother
Teen fave idol
Tobacco-free policy smokingban
Toddlers' taboos nonos
USTA stadium namesake ashe
Word after peace or pension plan
Wrens' homes nests
Zellweger of 'Miss Potter' renee
___ recognition (campaigner's plus) name
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