How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 08 2009

''Dit dah'' code MORSE
''Enough already!'' STOP
''Lonely Boy'' singer ANKA
''May I ___ silly question?'' ASKA
''Once ___ a midnight dreary . . .'' UPON
''One-l lama'' poet NASH
''The Time Machine'' race ELOI
''___, stage left'' (Snagglepuss) EXIT
A mere step away NEAR
Alfred E. Neuman's expressions GRINS
Arthur Marx HARPO
Author of ''Trinity'' URIS
Barbara who played Jeannie EDEN
Beantown five CELTS
Budget's competition AVIS
Bump and thump NOISES
Call from the meadow BAA
Cat, dog, boy or fish, e.g. NOUN
Common shampoo additive ALOE
Corn unit EAR
Corner TRAP
Crackers for soup SALTINES
Decoy for dealers NARC
Doctor's professional mag JAMA
Done with dinner EATEN
Drop, as pounds SHED
Happy-lark filler ASA
He can finish a cake by himself ICER
Hunter's counterpart GATHERER
It's hailed in many cities TAXI
Jewish folk song, ''___ Nagila'' HAVA
Jubilance GLEE
Kiddie transport, briefly TRIKE
Lamb Chop's Lewis SHARI
Like many a fanatic AVID
MLB statistic ATBATS
Moola GELT
Moonshiner's need STILL
Native Beehive Stater UTAHN
Not of this world ALIEN
Online address URL
Painfully sensitive TENDER
Petri dish substance AGAR
Popular sci-fi video game HALO
Puts a coat on PAINTS
Racetrack in England ASCOT
Rent to another tenant RELET
Restricted to men STAG
River through central Germany EDER
Scat singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Schlepped TOTED
Snickersnee handle HAFT
Sound from an aviary TWEET
Springsteen's nickname BOSS
Stubborn as ____ AMULE
Stupefy AMAZE
Supernova leftover PULSAR
Take off a wool coat SHEAR
Take up or let down, e.g. ALTER
Tao, literally WAY
The Cowardly Lion's alter ego ZEKE
The first two Tudor kings HENRYS
Tribe founder, in the Bible LEVI
Turn a key, perhaps START
Villain in the book of Esther HAMAN
Was enamored of LOVED
What Dick, Jane and Spot did RAN
Where one may have a yen to spend JAPAN
Where Rhett left Scarlett TARA
Willing to face danger BRAVE
Woodman's material TIN
Word with ''fit'' or ''active'' RETRO
Workplace protection org. OSHA
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