How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 01 2019

'Come shoot at the Gem State!' photoidaho
'Eureka!' aha
'Explore the Pine Tree State!' searchmaine
'Heartbreaker' singer Benatar pat
'How obvious!' duh
'Let It Go' singer in 'Frozen' elsa
'Put the Hoosier State in your journal!' logindiana
'The Impaler' of Romania vlad
'The Sooner State's the place to be!' itsoklahoma
'Yeah, right!' ibet
'___ Sequitur' (comic strip) non
A 'Three Sisters' sister irina
A daughter of Barack sasha
Add fringe to, e.g edge
Ames' state iowa
Among the clouds aloft
Animated Mrs. Krabappel edna
Awards show hosts emcees
Bouillon serving cube
Broke bread ate
Bummer for a QB int
Bunker filler sand
Car that needs no gas tesla
Carved clan emblem totem
Charge at the door cover
Chris Hemsworth's superhero thor
Chunks in marmalade zests
Contest mail-ins entries
Dashing style elan
Decay-fighting org ada
Diet of early man paleo
Elephant-snatching bird roc
End-of-workweek cry tgif
Energy Star org epa
Expo '74 city spokane
Facebook's bread and butter adsales
Flies, of sorts zippers
Gila monster or iguana lizard
Glue or cement adhesive
Greet at the door seein
Holiday tune noel
James who sang 'At Last' etta
Jewish Trump family member ivanka
Karaoke gear, briefly mics
Kept after taxes netted
Kick out expel
Kit Carson's resting place taos
Le Havre's river seine
Letter before Bravo alfa
Linchpin's place axle
Lithium-___ battery ion
Long March leader mao
Moved first in chess opened
Mr. T's outfit, with 'the' ateam
Muscle car in a 1964 hit gto
Music genre prefix alt
Nintendo princess zelda
One of 17 in Monopoly (Abbr.) ave
One who feels your pain empath
Paperless pooch mutt
Playboy nickname hef
Put a ding in, say mar
Share a border with abut
Show set in the 23rd century startrek
Sitcom named for its star reba
Sorceress married to Jason medea
Spilled the beans told
Tacks on appends
Trumpeting bird swan
Utterly absurd asinine
Vegan's avoidance meat
Warms the bench sits
Wet behind the ears naive
What Ritalin treats, for short adhd
Wheel and ___ deal
___ incognita (unexplored land) terra
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