How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 31 2015

"Aah!" accompaniment OOH
"Canterbury Tales" inn TABARD
"Glycerine" opener NITRO
"Hast thou ___ the Jabberwock?" SLAIN
"Hello" and "goodbye," somewhere ALOHA
"Life is ___ a dream" BUT
"That's gross!" YUK
Abbr. after a comma, sometimes ETC
Adds vitamins, e.g ENRICHES
Anagram for "soared" ADORES
Annual day for quitters? SMOKEOUT
Archaeological bit SHARD
Basic unit of Romanian currency LEU
Be a bungler ERR
Big Aussie birds EMUS
Big name in lawn-care products ORTHO
Bottomless gulf ABYSS
Breakfast sizzler BACON
Brit. reference set OED
Christopher of "Superman" REEVE
Combine ADD
Commotion (var.) HULLABALLOO
Conveniently placed ATHAND
Disguise for illegal activities FRONT
Doctor in a 1964 movie LAO
Dracula, in another form BAT
Excitable sort HOTHEAD
Feeling of foreboding DREAD
Flaky dessert PIE
Gift with 23-Down LEI
Greek "P" RHO
Have to say "oops!" MAKEABOOBOO
Haymaker? BALER
Hidden means of support? BRA
Horse farm hand OSTLER
How the cheated pay? OUTTHEWAZOO
Humiliates SHAMES
Island "discovered" by Columbus CUBA
It may have clawed feet BATHTUB
It's unvarnished TRUTH
Japanese floor coverings TATAMIS
Legendary Hope BOB
License plate TAG
Lighter fuel BUTANE
Long, narrow groove STRIA
Make like Etna ERUPT
Man the tiller STEER
Mass transit unit BUSLOAD
More than a third of "Mississippi" ESSES
Most unruly ROWDIEST
N.Y. and S.F., e.g SPTS
Nest egg, for short IRA
New Jersey city PATERSON
Nymph of the mountains OREAD
Oldish PC screen CRT
Part of a sot's hygiene routine? BEERSHAMPOO
Petty quarrels TIFFS
Puts an end to wavering OPTS
Rosters of names ROTAS
Should (with "to") OUGHT
Significant time span, historically ERA
Slumber stopper ALARM
Somewhat harmless swords EPEES
Spanish abode CASA
Tasseled hat FEZ
Teen idol of the '50s FABIAN
Things not done TABOOS
Tokyo's name, once EDO
U.N. agency concerned with workers ILO
Well liquid of old INK
Western art colony TAOS
What assayers analyze ORE
What Keats wrote on an urn? ODE
What you'll need for the big game? RIFLE
Where one can draw 24 hrs. a day? ATM
Whistle-stop site DEPOT
Womb occupants-to-be OVA
Wranglers alternative LEE
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