How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 24 2015

". . . happily ___ after" EVER
"Fiddler on the Roof" role YENTA
"I ___ at the office" GAVE
"Vamoose!" SHOO
Act like an ace AVIATE
Affluent area outside a city EXURB
An independent chieftain EMIR
An unspecified amount SOME
Apartment, old-school PAD
Assembled in advance, briefly PREFAB
Author Rice ANNE
Baffler POSER
Bookbinding leather ROAN
Botheration ADO
Building with stacked roofs PAGODA
By way of VIA
Cent color? RED
Chuck Berry hit NADINE
Clean a blackboard ERASE
Cleopatra's slayer ASP
Coarse, as humor RIBALD
Common deer of Europe ELK
Daisy's look-alike ASTER
Dancer's shoe attachment TAP
Decidedly uncool LAME
Disrespectful youths PUNKS
Eight on a sundial VIII
Eight-track, e.g TAPE
Embryo, once OVUM
Fancy flapjacks CREPES
Fence steps STILE
Fix, as an appliance REPAIR
Fly like an eagle SOAR
Forever AGES
Grabbed ATE
Has an elegant supper DINES
Her life is in order? NUN
Hot Indian curry VINDALOO
Imitator APER
In ___ (together) UNISON
It turns over before it runs ENGINE
It's higher on the hwy MPG
Italian brandy GRAPPA
Italian wine area ASTI
Japanese delicacy EEL
Lemon attachment ADE
Less than always OFTEN
Long skirt MIDI
Make merry REVEL
Making current UPDATING
Message boat AVISO
More in need of a drink DRIER
Mumbai, once BOMBAY
Napoleon, notably EXILE
Not of the cloth LAY
Out of the blue SUDDEN
Pago Pago's place SAMOA
PC clicker MOUSE
Pleasant to be around NICE
Raceway shape OVAL
Run under water WET
Shade in the summer? SUNTAN
Skin affliction ACNE
Small child TAD
Suggestive sneer LEER
Take a break REST
Take a stand against OPPOSE
The O'Haras' place TARA
Tidal flood EAGRE
Use indigo DYE
Victor Hugo's "___ Miserables" LES
Visibly astonished AGAPE
Wear a long face MOPE
Word with "ball" or "board" BASE
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
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