How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 08 2006

''. . . what a good boy ___'' AMI
''Twelfth Night'' heroine VIOLA
A way to enlightenment ZEN
Acapulco article LOS
Alpine moppet HEIDI
Attack from the air STRAFE
Ball for the fans FOUL
Beginning of a chilly definition SKIINGISAWINTER
Bjorn Borg, for one SWEDE
Buckleless belt SASH
Cinderous ASHY
Coast Guard ally NAVY
Color gradations TINTS
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Control mechanisms REINS
Copious AMPLE
Degraded ABASED
Development divisions STAGES
Didn't just stand there ACTED
Direct LEAD
Dither SNIT
Dust Bowl figure HOBO
Embarrassing display SCENE
End of the definition SEVERALSITTINGS
Equine comment NEIGH
Ethiopian slave of opera AIDA
Fingerstall COT
Foolish fellow TWIT
Freed from obligation EXEMPT
Generally believed REPUTED
Green-eyed monster ENVY
Guzzler at the pump SUV
Have a hunch SENSE
Health insurer AETNA
Hesitant GUNSHY
Horse supplanter CAR
Hua's predecessor MAO
Huff and puff PANT
Imminent-danger warning REDALERT
Intensifies HEATSUP
It's about 17,000,000 sq. miles ASIA
It's heard before a snap HIKE
James' creator IAN
Like brilliantine OILY
Like Montmartre ARTSY
Major undertaking? WAR
Mall occupant SHOP
Middle of the definition SPORTYOULEARNIN
Mob member GANGSTER
Monopoly token choice HAT
More gaunt BONIER
Morgue bed SLAB
Nintendo rival, once SEGA
Ostentatious GLITZY
Pee-wee Herman trademark BOWTIE
Pig's digs STY
Place for a strike ALLEY
Printed material TEXT
Pursue lovingly WOO
React to pain WINCE
River that joins the Severn AVON
Savor, as a cocktail SIP
Scholar's conclusion? SHIP
Seat separator AISLE
Short-order order EGGS
Snowball GROW
Solemn observance RITE
Some carpets SHAGS
Some Horace works ODES
Spot for 24-Across or 6-Down OPENSEA
Sri Lanka, once CEYLON
Thriller author Deighton LEN
Track records? BETS
Type of spray NASAL
Village figure? IDIOT
What you work for SALARY
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