How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 27 2019

'Bad cholesterol'-raising substance transfat
'Big Board' of Wall St nyse
'Can't deny that' true
'Forever' purchase stamp
'Gee whiz!' gosh
'No ___!' ('Certainly!') prob
'Quiet!' shh
'___ Life' (Sinatra hit) thats
'___ who?' sez
A month of Sundays ages
Act part scene
Angry reaction rise
Antlered ruminant stag
Arboreal digs nests
Army lieutenants' commands platoons
Beauty's suitor beast
Beryl gemstones emeralds
Bolivia's de facto capital lapaz
Border collie, notably workingdog
Bring joy to send
Bull's suggestion buy
Collaborative effort on the field teamplay
Color of 5 percent of human eyes hazel
Dastardly doings evil
Debtors' jottings ious
Dug in, in a way ate
Dumpster emanation odor
ER VIPs drs
Footed the bill paid
Four-leaf clover, to some omen
General Bradley omar
Global ideal worldpeace
Gold medal, e.g firstprize
Groucho's forte wit
Huffs and puffs pants
Hungarian composer Bartok bela
ICU part unit
Junta takeovers coups
Let up, as rain abate
Like a 45-degree angle acute
Many commuter planes jets
Mavs and Cavs' org nba
Metalsmith's hammer ballpeen
Milne's Christopher robin
Motel freebie ice
Mounted or boarded goton
Move carefully ease
Nocturnal African carnivore hyena
Oklahoma's 'Wheat Capital' enid
One of a trapezoid's four side
One of TV's 'Friends' ross
Opera superstar diva
Original sin setting eden
Painter's medium oil
Performed superbly shone
Pink ___ (meat byproduct) slime
Pioneering DVR system tivo
Railcar capacity measures tons
Reluctant to act hesitant
Rodeo critter calf
Scuttle at sea sink
Shed tears weep
Shipwreck cause, often storm
Showing no emotion stony
Slim to ___ (poor odds) none
Sock end toe
Some ABA members judges
Stated one's case pled
Swirling water eddy
The U.S. Senate, e.g upperhouse
They're often broken by golfers tees
Threw, as dice rolled
TYPE IN ALL CAPS, say shout
Ukulele ridge fret
With plenty to spare ample
Word after cutting or leading edge
Yellow dog of comics odie
Zero's shape oval
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