How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 14 2019

'Back to the Future' subject timetravel
'Here comes the weekend!' tgif
'That explains it' isee
'Wheel of Fortune' contestants, e.g trio
A native of from
Amber-colored blood fluid serum
Audie Murphy, notably warhero
Band's calendar entries gigs
Be nuts about adore
Biblical manger visitors magi
Big-name celeb alister
Book jacket promo blurb
Broken-away group sect
Caine, in 'The Caine Mutiny' ship
Car collector Jay leno
Carps at nags
Classic Ford modelt
Cougar's prey elk
Crush on the ballfield rout
Cylindrical Hostess snack hoho
Darer's dare doit
Deliberate misspelling in a doughnut brand kreme
Distress call on a 1-Down manoverboard
Dolly in 'Hello, Dolly!' levi
Dynasty known for vases ming
Excuse heard in court alibi
Flamboyant style elan
Fleet-footed bird emu
Gastropub drink ale
Grapefruit cousin pomelo
Having similar traits akin
Heathen's deity idol
High-end SUV since 1970 rangerover
Highway hauler semi
Horned archfiend satan
In a peeved mood sore
In recent memory oflate
In the heavens above
Inauguration recital oath
Ivy or Virginia creeper climbingvine
Jack, to Rose, in 'Titanic' lover
Job-based move, for short relo
Kyrgyzstan's locale asia
Lays flat, as a sleeping bag unrolls
Like Goodwill wares used
Lithography fluids inks
Locker room emanation odor
Many a fake ID carrier minor
Mellencamp's place to 'R.O.C.K.' usa
Minnesota iron ore range mesabi
Needing little effort easy
Needless fuss ado
No great shakes soso
Norse navigator Erikson leif
Oater 'neckties' nooses
One of the directing Coens ethan
Phisher's ploy scam
Pigsty's floor mud
Pixar movie set in Mexico coco
Place for a roast oven
Proposition in math theorem
Rap-sheet letters aka
San Fran gridder niner
Second person eve
Served 'on the rocks' iced
Slacks measure inseam
Smoothly, on a score legato
Some ideal scores tens
Sound system setting volume
Soup toss-in saltine
Splattered mud on dirtied
Spoil the look of mar
Steeple swinger bell
Subtle 'Beg pardon' ahem
Takes a constitutional walks
Trend-setting edgy
Yawn-inducing dull
Yellow Starburst's flavor lemon
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