How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 09 2019

'Chunk light' fish tuna
'Cold, hard' thing fact
'Cool' amount of cash mil
'Hello' singer adele
'No ___, no foul' harm
'Pull over!' sound siren
'This can't be!' ohno
1/640 square mile acre
29-Down units ears
Accepts, as a credit card honors
Applied a rasp to filed
Arrogance, slangily tude
Attack from all sides beset
Bart Simpson's age ten
Become established takeroot
Bjorn with five Wimbledon wins borg
Bling out adorn
Blowgun ammo dart
Brit's 'I agree!' quite
Busted, militarily demoted
Caesarean rebuke word brute
City southeast of Tel Aviv lod
Coat room receipt claimcheck
Concerning, on a memo asto
Cupid, to the Greeks eros
Day-by-day accounts journals
Defeated by a hair edged
Depot posting, informally sked
Do, re or mi note
Do-re-mi moola
Doll word mama
Evidence of healing scab
Floor support joist
Germanic tribe member teuton
Go no further cease
Hamilton's undoing duel
HRE part empire
Icky buildup crud
Ipanema's city, briefly rio
It's done to jigs and reels stepdancing
Jessica of 'Fantastic Four' alba
Letterhead abbr inc
Like excellent pastrami lean
Like mixed nuts, often salted
Like the Sabin vaccine oral
Linzer ___ torte
Look from Groucho leer
Manning with two Super Bowl wins eli
Many a McJob holder teen
Many English degs bas
Mr. Peanut's eyewear monocle
Neptune's spear trident
Nobelist Marie or Pierre curie
One seeking pay dirt miner
Org. chart level tier
Pacific tuber taro
Pasta in minestrone orzo
Patriot Allen ethan
Peter of 'Casablanca' lorre
Poor, as excuses go lame
Pull an upset on, say stun
Rewrite clues for, say edit
Run in neutral idle
Say 'no contest,' say plead
Sculptured trunk torso
Source of fries, slangily spud
Sprouting 'pet' chia
Surrealist Joan miro
Tackle shop buy bait
Take possession of acquire
Taking one's cuts atbat
Taxi alternative uber
Thanksgiving corn maize
Told all to the cops sang
Ugly Duckling, actually swan
Wake-up call, of sorts alarmclock
Windows taskbar item startbutton
Word after Murphy's or lemon law
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