How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 06 2019

'Help' band, with 'the' beatles
'Humble' dwelling abode
'My bad!' oops
'Peanuts' expletive rats
'Tall' account tale
'That explains it!' nowonder
2011 outbreak bacteria ecoli
Angsty music genre emo
Arctic floater floe
Arrogance, slangily tude
Auction assent nod
Barnes & Noble buy book
Baseball or hockey stat assist
Branch-breaking winds gales
Broken mirror, to some omen
Cosine and sine, for two ratios
Croquet spots lawns
Declare confidently avow
Do origami fold
Eager volunteer's words ican
Element No. 5 boron
Elementary bit atom
Emcees' openings intros
Fact fudger liar
Flat-topped formation mesa
Fought like rappers, perhaps feuded
Garment with an underwire bra
Given a new life reborn
H, to Athenians eta
Hard-nosed tough
Hit the tarmac land
Homes of twigs nests
Hot beverage with 'art' latte
Icing on the cake, so to speak finaltouch
Indy 500, e.g race
James whom Beyonce portrayed etta
Landscaper's workplace yard
Lowly laborers peons
Meir of Israel golda
Natural talent gift
Nose twitch, e.g tic
Not a lot some
One with ESP seer
Online greeting ecard
Online walk-through virtualtour
Part of a boxing ring barrier rope
Patronized 32-Across, say rode
Periodontal scaler, e.g dentaltool
Pool float filler air
Put out, as a signal emit
Railroad controller's spot signaltower
Reebok competitor fila
Salon sound snip
See 31-Across ales
Seriously ticked off irate
Shows shock gasps
Signs of impending rain clouds
Slander or libel tort
Some food truck fare tacos
Song-and-dance special revue
Soprano's song, perhaps aria
Sound of a mic drop thud
Stable youngsters colts
Super-stylish chic
Take a whack at try
Take care of, with 'to' tend
Takes action against an 18-Down sues
Trump's first occurred on 3/15/19 veto
Uber competitor lyft
Unwilling to share selfish
Vending machine inserts ones
Voice-activated iPhone app siri
Wanda of 'Vampirina' sykes
Warrior with a vulnerable heel achilles
Wear away gradually erode
Wee bit tad
Winter road treatment salt
With 52-Down, hoppy brews pale
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