How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 01 2012

"Be quiet!" SHUSH
"Com" preceder DOT
"Dead ___ Society" POETS
"Discontinue this" computer key ESC
"Elvis ___ left the building" HAS
"Eureka!" alternatives AHS
"Harry Potter" birds OWLS
"HELLO! . . . Hello! . . . hello . . ." ECHO
"I know what you're thinking" ability ESP
"Mama" Cass ELLIOT
"Michael, Row Your Boat ___" ASHORE
"Rock the ___" (The Clash) CASBAH
"Well, what have we here?" OHO
100-year-old snack OREO
1999 headline-grabbing child ELIAN
67 degrees 30 minutes ENE
Abbr. on a lawyer's nameplate ESQ
Absolute ruler DESPOT
Abstainer's opposite USER
Adenoid neighbor TONSIL
Annals of history ERAS
Apple or banana cream dessert PIE
Artificial sweetener choice EQUAL
Aussie coat-of-arms bird EMU
Aware of ONTO
Beneficiary LEGATEE
Blood-related KIN
Camellike mammal ALPACA
Canine specialists DENTISTS
Capital of Peru LIMA
Carry-out drink topper LID
Centrally located note MIDDLEC
Clever quote QUIP
Coeur d' ___, Idaho ALENE
Cold-climate seabird AUK
Comfortable and cozy SNUG
Core groups CADRES
Demolition material TNT
Digital screen, for short LCD
Easier to cut into TENDERER
El ___ (Spanish painter) GRECO
Fingerprint patterns WHORLS
Focus of many an X-ray CHEST
Grazing land LEA
Grown-up bug IMAGO
Isn't on the level SLANTS
It's a driving concern GAS
Keep up, as a conversation SUSTAIN
Leave the country? SECEDE
Man in Bethlehem? STEELWORKER
Metal core? ETA
Milky Way component NOUGAT
Miss America could be considered one BEAUTYQUEEN
More stuffy STODGIER
Mountain ridges ARETES
Not be passive ACT
Partner of rank and serial number NAME
Pilotless weapon PREDATORDRONE
Place on a blacklist BAN
React to a tearjerker SOB
Sailor, e.g CREWMAN
Sam and J.C. of the PGA SNEADS
Samoa's monetary unit TALA
School founded in 1440 by Henry VI ETON
Silky-coated dogs SPANIELS
Stereotypically easy class ART
Tree sacred to the Druids ALDER
Viewed SEEN
Wear away over time ERODE
Week links? DAYS
Where the chips are down? CASINO
Worthless cloth RAG
Worthless stuff DRECK
___ Bath (prank call name) ANITA
___ hammer on (pounds) USESA
___ once (suddenly) ALLAT
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