How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 24 2018

'By all means!' sure
'Don't worry about me' imok
'Enchanted' title character ella
'Go right ahead!' pleasedo
'Rhinestone Cowboy' singer Campbell glen
Add a lane to, say widen
Adopted, as a shelter pet rescued
Army enlistee buckprivate
Assault from Moe poke
Bare minimum least
Bit of ugly campaigning smear
Bookmarked browser entry, for short url
Broken mirrors, to some omens
Caramel-filled candy brand rolo
Census form datum race
Charitable offerings alms
Classic snack cakes twinkies
Cut and run flee
Cut the fat from trim
Developer's purchase tract
Dinner table protector trivet
Diviner's deck tarot
Dixie bread pone
Do a hunting dog's task retrieve
Emoticon's eyes colon
Fly the coop bolt
For face value, as bonds atpar
Fuel in a scuttle coal
Gin cocktail tomcollins
Gorp eaters hikers
Hang in a hammock loll
Hippie's two-finger gesture peace
Hole-in-one, virtually always eagle
Hoped-for summit result pact
Hothead's emotion ire
Housepainter's application, perhaps twocoats
Industrial Age, e.g era
Indy circuit lap
Kate Middleton, to Meghan Markle inlaw
Largest of the violin family, informally bullfiddle
Lo-cal beer brand lite
Lustful look leer
Martin of the Rat Pack dean
Minute Rice instruction stir
Mireille of 'World War Z' enos
Much of the time alot
Nodded off slept
Not simulated actual
Often-dunked snack oreo
Pete Seeger's genre folk
Pie-in-the-face sound splat
Places for picnics parks
Plug away toil
Prop for Mr. Peanut cane
Result of overexertion ache
S&L offerings iras
Salvage crew member diver
Serbs or Bulgarians slavs
Shaq's position center
Sharer's share, often half
Situated on atop
Source of organic fuel peatbog
Spiderweb, essentially trap
Stenciled container, perhaps crate
Stopover run by a keeper inn
Structure with water turbines dam
Sunflower morsel seed
Tomato in tomato paste roma
Unagi, at a sushi bar eel
Unmanned aerial attack dronestrike
Valuable stash trove
Weaken, as confidence erode
Whence the Magi east
Winding curve ess
Within easy reach near
Word after cutting or leading edge
Workplace standards org osha
___ fly (RBI producer) sac
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