How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 17 2019

'Caddyshack' director Harold ramis
'Despite that . . .' yet
'Gross!' ick
'Looking for,' in ads iso
'Makes sense' isee
'Pogo' creator Kelly walt
'The Waste Land' poet tseliot
Address to a judge yourhonor
Applies sloppily daubs
Archery bow wood yew
Attempts to sell markets
Balaam's beast ass
Big name in lingerie olga
Bird with complex songs wren
Carpenter who was a drummer karen
Caterers' dispensers urns
Citi Field squad mets
Close with a bang slam
Cocoon occupant pupa
Colorful pond fish koi
Concubines' living quarters harems
Cylindrical topper fez
Dilapidated digs rattrap
Ed with a voice role in 'Up' asner
Exacta or quinella bet
FAQ part asked
Fare with letters alphabetsoup
Flaky, layered dessert applestrudel
Give the thumbs-up to okay
Hacienda building material adobebricks
Hassle-free state ease
Installed, as carpet laid
IRA choice roth
Italian car with a horse logo ferrari
King Kong, e.g ape
Last choice in some surveys other
Lifeboat mover oar
Like a corrupt cop rogue
Like a gazebo airy
Like Minnesota winters harsh
Minor gripe nit
MoMA part art
More than just advise urge
Nose around snoop
Nostalgic number oldie
Oozy stuff goo
Org. once headed by Oliver North nra
Pampers competitor luvs
Perjure oneself lie
Place for a bulb socket
Positive, as outlooks go rosy
Protesters' shout chant
Put into service use
Puts on YouTube posts
Raging blog entries rants
Refuses to wont
Roller coaster feature loop
Serfs' employer lord
Speak at the U.N., say orate
Starts to fishtail, say skids
Suggest subtly dropahint
Take another shot at redo
Talk show host Lake ricki
They're straight heteros
Timely blessings boons
Tomb raider Lara croft
Took a Lyft, say rode
Trucker hat material mesh
Turn in the board game Life spin
TV journalist Curry ann
Venn diagram regions sets
Verizon competitor tmobile
Voicemail prompt tone
Waterway through a rainforest amazonriver
Way to go path
Woodwind quintet member oboe
Yell after a slice, maybe fore
___ Moines des
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