How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 14 2015

"Catch!" HERE
"Let it stand" STET
"Speak your piece" piece OPED
"What ___ God wrought?" HATH
'80s musician Adam ANT
Afflicted, as with guilt STRICKEN
Alimony check cashers EXES
Allocate (with "out") METE
Ask, as a question POSE
Assortment OLIO
Backwoods weapon RIFLE
Be in pain ACHE
Belonging to a mister HIS
Bit of hockey excitement GOAL
Bit of sediment DREG
Bound HOP
Brook RILL
Caboose position REAR
Capital of Switzerland BERN
Captures, as a trophy BAGS
Celebrate REVEL
Certain family member AUNT
China problem CHIP
Choice invitees ALIST
Common houseplant FERN
Court figures REFS
Cover name ALIAS
Cutting remark BARB
Decathlon division EVENT
Desirable street? EASY
Divination deck TAROT
Do is one NOTE
Draconian HARSH
Dye-yielding shrubs ANILS
Encouraged BUOYED
English race place ASCOT
Euripides drama MEDEA
Fish with a hook and line ANGLE
Grand Canyon hello? ECHO
Grease a palm BRIBE
Hairdo that's hard to miss AFRO
Hurried HASTY
Hyperbolic sine SINH
It draws attention THINGOFINTEREST
It may be dominant or recessive TRAIT
It might make you say "Aha!" IDEA
It works in waves RADIO
Lackawanna's lake ERIE
Least honorable BASEST
Left endings? OVERS
Like yesterday's news OLDHAT
Manx, for one CAT
Mountain passes in India GHATS
Mournful poem ELEGY
One place for the elderly RESTHOME
Orders to plow horses GEES
Pipsqueak TWERP
Propel a vessel, in a way OAR
Put a roof overhead CEIL
Safe, onboard ALEE
Slender woodwind OBOE
Snub-___ (short, as a gun) NOSED
Spot, to a tot DOGGY
Sprites' kin PERIS
Sure-footed goat IBEX
The items yonder THOSE
The L of L-dopa LEVO
Tinker with text EDIT
Torment a stand-up comic HECKLE
Unagi, at a sushi bar EEL
Unlikely Oscar winner BMOVIE
What even the most gullible won't do BELIEVEANYTHING
Wife of Osiris ISIS
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