How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 11 2006

''Hulk'' director Lee ANG
''___ Go Bragh'' ERIN
A sultanate OMAN
Acquire mentally LEARN
Actor Reeves KEANU
Agenda entry ITEM
Anouk of ''La Dolce Vita'' AIMEE
Apportion ALLOT
Arab prince EMIR
Army shelters TENTS
Await action PEND
Back-up sounds BEEPS
Battery part ELECTRODE
Beginning of a quip for losers DIETINGIS
Brennan of ''Private Benjamin'' EILEEN
Bud holder STEM
Camp David Accords participant SADAT
Canon rival NIKON
CD predecessors LPS
Clancy hero RYAN
Complex units, perhaps CONDOS
Confront FACE
Cosmetic procedure TUCK
Cousin of the speaker? AMP
Cuzco people INCA
Dit alternative DAH
End of the quip TIREDOFIT
Escapades LARKS
Extended narratives EPICS
Famous battle participants SEXES
Genesis brother ABEL
Grain in a Salinger title RYE
Handy sort DOALL
Heaps ALOT
It comes in cakes SOAP
It's in the bucket ADROP
Jailhouse fink SNITCH
Journalist Joseph or Stewart ALSOP
Like stadium seats TIERED
Lode load ORE
Maine college town ORONO
Mint plant SAGE
Mouse's reception EEK
Number of cat lives NINE
Oglers EYERS
Oil of ___ OLAY
Old capital of Italy LIRE
Old heartthrob Flynn ERROL
One-time Swedish statesman PALME
Place for a nap, maybe DEN
Place to lay down bets POT
Portend BODE
QED middle ERAT
Quip (part 2) FORTHOSEWHO
Rendezvoused MET
Romanov title TSAR
SASE, e.g. ENC
Seething IRATE
Sexy lady of a Beatles song SADIE
Shakespearean barmaid WENCH
Some tenements SLUMS
Sporty Pontiacs GTOS
Stage of history ERA
Traffic diverters CONES
Vast expanse SEA
Vaulted recess APSE
Velvety ground cover MOSS
Very cunning SLYASAFOX
West Pointer CADET
Where the congregation sits NAVE
Wool substitute ORLON
Word with main or blessed EVENT
You can take it to the bank SALARY
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