How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 10 2014

"Cheers" character REBECCA
"Do re mi fa ___ . . ." SOL
"From ___ to Eternity" HERE
"Give that ___ cigar!" MANA
"Haystacks" painter MONET
"Smoking or ___?" NON
"The one that got away" and others YARNS
Abbr. after many a general's name RETD
Adult insect IMAGO
After-dinner parties SOIREES
Airheaded (var.) DITSY
Amount of hair TRESS
Anglo-___ SAXON
Anxious ANTSY
Art gum, for one ERASER
Artist's paste GESSO
Australian Aborigine's call COOEE
Bailiwicks AREAS
Belted constellation ORION
Certain card game GIN
Chip away at ERODE
Chops veggies DICES
Clad, as a judge ROBED
Dark purplish-red MAROON
Delhi tongue HINDI
Doing a web search, e.g ONLINE
Eastern VIPs EMIRS
Factor of cosmetics MAX
First Bible book GENESIS
Flax fabric LINEN
Flight segment STAIR
Frat letter RHO
Gravity-powered vehicle SLED
Grows older AGES
Hired assassin HITMAN
House person CONGRESSMAN
Hundred-eyed giant ARGUS
Invisible UNSEEN
It's hunted PREY
Khan's title AGA
Last name in hockey legends ORR
Latish lunchtime ONE
Like some equations LINEAR
Line made with a compass ARC
Long, long ___ AGO
Maiden-name preceder NEE
Motel kin INN
Mouse catcher CAT
Negative word NOT
Neither's go-with NOR
Old-time vendors ICEMEN
On the up and up LEGIT
One can stake it or file it CLAIM
One hundredth of a drachma LEPTON
Palindromic rulers SHAHS
Pilgrimage destinations MECCAS
Possible to control CONTAINABLE
Prepared tea, in a way STEEPED
Revealed the end to? MOONED
Safari sight, briefly RHINO
Schnozzola SNOOT
Sis, to bro SIB
Sleep disruption APNEA
Small finch SERIN
Sonata section RONDO
Symphonic work with solos CONCERTANTE
Walk unsteadily DODDER
Word after "human" BEING
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