How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 05 2006

''. . . ___ saw Elba'' EREI
''My mind wandered . . .'' WHEREWASI
''Star Wars'' character JABBA
''The Sound of Music'' family (with ''von'') TRAPP
''What's Goin' On?'' singer Marvin GAYE
A lot of pizzazz? ZEES
Actress Gretchen MOL
Aide to the DA ASST
Al Hirt or Dizzy Gillespie, notably TRUMPETER
Biblical father ABBA
Bow, for one TIE
Certain textile worker DYER
Common verb ARE
Conform ADAPT
Distinctive glows AURAS
Draped necklines COWLS
Dynamic starter AERO
Egg on PROD
End of the quip DESKDRAWER
Essentials MUSTS
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
First name in modeling ELLE
Frigid suffix? AIRE
From Kathmandu, e.g. NEPALESE
Green variety JADE
Growing season, briefly SPR
Hard-rock middle ASA
Helicopter's sound WHIR
Homes in the sticks NESTS
How some get about BYCAR
Jackie's co-star in ''The Honeymooners'' AUDREY
Jokester WAG
Jupiter's sister JUNO
Kentucky legend ALI
Lennon's lady ONO
Letters on a battery terminal POS
Like a lawn at dawn DEWY
Lizard look-alike NEWT
Lovely, as a signorina BELLA
Medium ability ESP
Mercury or Saturn vehicles? UFOS
Middle of the quip ISASIGNOFAMESSY
Monogram in '50s politics AES
Norway's most populous city OSLO
Not many AFEW
Notation on most piano music BASSCLEF
One of many by Beethoven SONATA
One to hang with PAL
One-time J.F.K. arrivals SSTS
P.O. box item LTR
Place for non-recyclables TRASH
Pocket PCs and the like PDAS
Pop the question, e.g. ASK
Port St. ___, Florida LUCIE
Possesses OWNS
Quarterback Favre BRETT
Recipient of many questions SWAMI
Roman calendar notation IDES
Segments PARTS
Settles once and for all NAILSDOWN
Shrimp cocktail, often APPETIZER
Sounds of time passing TICKS
Start of an office quip ACLEANDESK
Start of Cain's query AMI
Study at home? DEN
Tacna's country PERU
Take this for that SWAP
Tennis pro Novotna JANA
Thailand, once SIAM
The latest thing in lists? ETC
They were frozen on August 15, 1971 WAGES
They're a nuisance PESTS
They're often tender SORES
Used a prayer cushion, e.g. KNELT
What you used to be THEE
Wilbur Post's horse MRED
Word with meal or pawn TICKET
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