How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 04 2014

"Glengarry ___ Ross" GLEN
"Let me hear the words!" SAYIT
"___ the raven, 'Nevermore'" QUOTH
A cause for celebration THEFOURTHOFJULY
Aromatic compound ESTER
Bullring bravos OLES
California's Big ___ SUR
Certain citrus fruit LIME
Choices for publishers FONTS
Cigarette fragment BUTT
Cote d'___ (French Riviera) AZUR
Cuckoo relatives ANIS
Door pounder's demand OPENUP
Dusty dry SERE
Egg-shaped instruments OCARINAS
Extensive overhauls REDOS
Fat-nosed antelope SAIGA
Feudal fieldhand ESNE
Freelancer's small detail SPEC
French novelist Pierre LOTI
Goes through SIFTS
Hard seed covering ARIL
He shared spaghetti with Lady TRAMP
Henna applier DYER
Hindu religious writing TANTRA
Hornets' nests ADOS
In pieces APART
It may need a boost EGO
It's between the curbs STREET
Kindergarten kiddies TOTS
Kringle's burden TOYS
Looks fixedly STARES
Make a false step TRIP
Mathematical expression EQUATION
Mongolian warrior TATAR
Moral principle ETHIC
Mother ___ of Calcutta TERESA
Motion picture FILM
Mundane BANAL
Nantucket, for one ISLAND
Nickname for grandmother NANA
Not otherwise categorized (Abbr.) MISC
Off one's rocker DAFT
Opera singer Pinza EZIO
Part of a baseball SEAM
Pauses in poetry CAESURAE
Pistols and swords SIDEARMS
Pitches in HELPS
Related through the mother ENATE
Revise before printing EDIT
Romanov title TSAR
Scholarship creator RHODES
Skim milk extract FAT
Skycap's cartful BAGS
Slap with a speeding ticket CITE
Some choir voices ALTOS
Sometime trousers feature PLEAT
Sports center ARENA
Stage scenery SET
Suitable for a holiday FESTAL
These, in France CES
They're found in veins ORES
Top-shelf AONE
Turkish title of respect (var.) AGHA
Villainous "Star Wars" group SITH
Wedding-cake feature TIER
Where the snake lost its legs EDEN
Wherein the world is flat ATLAS
White-sale buy SHEET
Whitish gem OPAL
Woodpecker's tool NEB
Words with "precedent" or "good example" SETA
Wrinkly skinned fruit UGLI
___ vu DEJA
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