How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 26 2019

'. . . ___ I saw Elba' ere
'American Idol' winner Studdard ruben
'Ars gratia ___' (MGM motto) artis
'Bye-bye!' seeya
'Cavalleria rusticana' highlight aria
'Steppenwolf' author Hermann hesse
'___ results may vary' actual
Abdul who choreographed Janet Jackson videos paula
Answers, in 'Jeopardy!' asks
Apr. addressee irs
Audiophile's setup, once hifi
Billiards accessory rack
Blue-haired Simpson marge
Boggy area fen
Book-signing purchase autographedcopy
Bugged big-time ateat
Cabal's concoction scheme
Campus wall climber ivy
Carnival worker's guess age
Choose-up game call evens
Clue board division room
Colosseum beasts bears
Colosseum beasts lions
Comment to the audience aside
Corned beef concoctions hashes
Destined for the chop shop hot
Detectives' hints leads
Disney's Little Mermaid ariel
Doberman or Rottweiler, e.g watchdog
DVD version of a movie, perhaps directorscut
Dwindle, as strength ebb
Fish-based condiment anchovypaste
Flavors, in a way salts
Flowery verse ode
FWIW part its
Green Gables girl anne
Helicopter pioneer Sikorsky igor
Hollywood go-between agent
Hostess cake similar to a Yodel hoho
Iceberg's extremity tip
Incense remnant ash
Jellyfish attack sting
Kagan of the Supreme Court elena
Long of 'Soul Food' nia
Looseleaf divider feature tab
Many JV players sophs
Mary of 'The Maltese Falcon' astor
Movie with saloon brawls, perhaps oater
Museum with many Goyas prado
NBC series whose name was seen on a license plate lalaw
Not carved in stone tentative
Often-stubbed body part toe
On the briny atsea
Pale or brown brew ale
Place for a flock lea
Recording studio effect echo
Ride hailed from a smartphone uber
Saintly auras halos
San ___ (Texas city, informally) antone
Shepherd's pie spheroids peas
Silverstein who wrote 'A Boy Named Sue' shel
Smelling a rat leery
Soothsayer's deck tarot
Succulent in trendy beverages aloe
Suffix meaning 'pain' algia
Suffix with serf or czar dom
Sulfur dioxide's pungent quality odor
Surgically remove resect
Takes measures acts
The lyrical Gershwin ira
Three-faced movie heroine eve
Traditional Easter entree roastlamb
Tree at an oasis datepalm
Tree with edible pods carob
Two cents' worth, so to speak say
Wed at Gretna Green, say elope
Word in an eggs order over
Year-by-year record annals
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