How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 20 2010

"Amo, amas, I love ___" ALASS
"Calvin and Hobbes" bully MOE
"Diff'rent Strokes" actress Plato DANA
"Fore!" and "Duck!" ALERTS
"Hero" singer Mariah CAREY
"Hold ___ minute" ITA
"Irma la ___" DOUCE
"Little Red Book" writer CHAIRMANMAO
"Trillion" prefix TERA
"Yippee!" WAHOO
"___ la la . . ." TRA
"___ Only Just Begun" (Carpenters hit) WEVE
A body stocking covers it TORSO
Alley-___ (basketball play) OOP
Amber, for example HUE
Artistic acid users ETCHERS
Backwoods boor HICK
Belt along HIE
Best buds PALS
Betrays amazement GAPES
Boob tube addict COUCHPOTATO
Cause for an eyelift SAG
Charles S. Dutton sitcom ROC
Coin-___ (laundromats) OPS
Common "Dungeons & Dragons" foe ORC
Creator of some banks SNOWPLOW
Cry for what might have been ALAS
Diplomatic etiquette PROTOCOL
Dippity-do, e.g. GEL
Do agricultural work FARM
Expose, in a way UNMASK
Feet-second connector PER
Fire proof? ASH
Full of trees WOODED
Greg's sitcom partner DHARMA
How to make a big decision SOBERLY
Intro to VW RSTU
It's found under lips CHIN
Joints for genuflecting KNEES
K.T. of country music OSLIN
Lavish with flowers WOO
Like a defective roof LEAKY
Lug laboriously SCHLEP
Makes a screenplay out of ADAPTS
Miscellaneous mixtures OLIOS
Moppable mishaps SPILLS
Native-born Israeli SABRA
Obedience-school command SIT
On ___ (going great) AROLL
One of the "Monopoly" tokens SHOE
Option for dressing down TSHIRT
Piña colada component RUM
Plundered treasure BOOTY
Poe subject RAVEN
Raised-eyebrow remarks OHS
Recycling containers BINS
Respite from business as usual HIATUS
Show for critics PREVIEW
Sixteen drams OUNCE
Start for "sayer" SOOTH
Steamed commotions FURORS
Strongman Ferrigno LOU
Take ___ down memory lane ATRIP
Temporary sculpture medium ICE
There are many in a pound CANINES
They're put down ROOTS
Third-string player BENCHWARMER
Two percent alternative WHOLE
Units of 100 ergs/gram RADS
Was frugal SAVED
Word with "band" or "ring" BRASS
Worked on a sub? ATE
WWI treaty between the Allies and Hungary TRIANON
Young night hunter OWLET
___ Haute, Ind. TERRE
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