How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 20 2005

"America" pronoun THEE
"The Say Hey Kid" MAYS
"___ be a cold day in July . . ." ITLL
. . . a classic from which director George Cukor was fired? GONEWITHTHEWIND
. . . a sci-fi film featuring the Metaluna Mutant? THISISLANDEARTH
. . . a thriller with John Malkovich as an assassin? INTHELINEOFFIRE
Able to be halved equally EVEN
Advertising's version of the Grammy EFFIE
America's is more perfect UNION
Astronomer's sighting NOVA
Baja bull TORO
Boot from office OUST
Braced oneself for impact STEELED
Bugling beast ELK
Bursts of applause, e.g. ECLATS
Category of film, music or art, e.g. GENRE
City northeast of Genoa MILAN
Definitely not a pro ANTI
Direction from Lake Charles to Baton Rouge EAST
Drag through the mud TRADUCE
Essence PITH
Failure to communicate BREAKDOWN
Fragrant oil ATTAR
Golden Bear's rival SNEAD
Half a mint? TIC
Help make a no-no a go-go ABET
Highest vocal part of a song CANTO
Hindu honorific SWAMI
Hoover or Tarbela, e.g. DAM
Impersonated APED
It's introduced with a bullet point ITEM
Kind of statesman ELDER
Kind of water SODA
Land where Bondevik is PM NOR
Like most dryer vents LINTY
Like the bird with the worm EARLY
Literary "plain Jane" EYRE
Longest division of geological time AEON
Lowly laborer PEON
Make faces for the camera MUG
Make the morose merry ELATE
Muscle contraction SPASM
Not a people person SHY
Number of fish in the sea, e.g. MYRIAD
On the trail of AFTER
One of the very first sons SETH
Ones left holding the bag SAPS
Part of a low poker straight TREY
Part of a score NOTE
Part of being blinds? SLAT
PBS fundraisers TELETHONS
Persona non grata at a NOW meeting ROUE
Poet Elinor WYLIE
Prefix meaning "sun" HELIO
Pyramids, and the like TETRAHEDRA
Rapping minister MASE
Return site for stampless mail SENDER
Ring legend ALI
Ringling follower BROS
Russia's leader in 1916 TSAR
Sorcerers MAGES
Start of most MGM films ROAR
They have eagle eyes ERNS
Took Tal to a tie STALEMATED
True-to-life REAL
Turned left HAWED
What some police dogs find STASH
Where 12/7/41 lives? INFAMY
Where a winner comes out AHEAD
Whoops and hollers YELLS
Word with moon or shoe SHINE
Written in a specific key, e.g. TONAL
WWII military transport UBOAT
___ facto (therefore) IPSO
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