How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jan 19 2012

"Alice's Restaurant" singer Guthrie ARLO
"Bless you!" prompter ACHOO
"Mama" Cass ELLIOT
"Star Trek" crew member UHURA
A bit cracked? AJAR
Ad hoc oater group POSSE
Alan Ladd western SHANE
Appraise ASSESS
Arctic abode IGLOO
Auto boost? JUMPSTART
Aware of ONTO
Backing for an exhibit EASEL
Beyond the suburbs RURAL
Bog fuel PEAT
Bouquet makers FLORA
Call from the deck AHOY
Cattle rancher's tool PROD
Certain bald nestling EAGLET
Certain criminal activities HOLDUPS
Cheaters, to teachers ANAGRAM
Chinese appetizer SPRINGROLL
Coed college in Poughkeepsie VASSAR
Compositions for one SOLOS
Con game SHAM
Cookbook phrase ALA
Crossword feature CLUE
Display boredom, in a way YAWN
Diva's big opera number ARIA
Door post JAMB
Drivetrain component AXLE
Elevator and mine parts SHAFTS
Erato's instrument LYRE
Fix a hot dog? SPAY
Flippant SASSY
For men only STAG
Free from a sty UNPEN
Freeway fees TOLLS
Game pieces MEN
Go down the runway TAXI
Goalpost-shaped letter AITCH
High-spirited horse STEED
Homer's first letter ALPHA
In the thick of AMID
It may be bright or novel IDEA
It's all about making money MINT
Loathe HATE
Mind-numbing routine RUT
Miniscule amounts IOTAS
Mrs. Truman BESS
New York's Giuliani RUDY
Place for valuables BANKVAULT
Poke JAB
Prepares clams, in a way BAKES
Quick trip JAUNT
Rent-___ (mall guard) ACOP
Retired tennis star Andre AGASSI
Run-down in appearance, as a hotel SEEDY
Rundgren and Bridges TODDS
Sailor's lungful SEAAIR
Spiritual teacher GURU
Squeal TELL
Student-focused org NEA
Suit to ___ ATEE
They're just not done NONOS
This may come to shove PUSH
Toothpaste-approving grp ADA
Tory rival WHIG
Transport, as freight HAUL
Triangular sails JIBS
Wild West lawman EARP
Will Smith portrayed him ALI
Withstand ENDURE
Word with "media" or "hysteria" MASS
WWII conference site YALTA
Yogi Berra had a hand in it MITT
You'll find one at a five-star hotel BELLHOP
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