How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Feb 03 2019

'Beetle Bailey' bulldog otto
'Nolo contendere,' e.g plea
'On your feet!' stand
'Stronger than dirt' cleanser ajax
'The front page of the internet' reddit
A 'Bonanza' brother adam
Accompaniers of some migraines auras
Advil competitor aleve
Ali, when he dethroned Liston clay
As one wishes atwill
Auto manufacturer's headache recall
Backpedaler's words imean
Beyond tipsy stewed
Big name in bananas dole
Bit of gossip morsel
Body shop fig est
Bring home after taxes net
Catches 40 winks dozes
Christopher who played Superman reeve
Civilian garb, for a soldier mufti
Close out end
CNN reporter who doesn't socialize much? lonewolfblitzer
Cockney's 'present' ere
Conservative skirt midi
Costa del ___, Spain sol
Dance that may incorporate a chair hora
Daybreak, in verse morn
Direct-sales cosmetics giant avon
Dresden's river elbe
Esau, to Jacob twin
Fearsome dinos trexes
Financial aid criterion need
Fit-to-be-tied feeling ire
For all to see overt
Golden State, informally cali
Harry Chapin classic taxi
Has the blahs ails
Have the answers know
Heckled from the bench rode
Hitchhiker's hope lift
It's repeated after 'Que,' in song sera
Late-blooming flowers asters
Like 'The Twilight Zone' eerie
Like an O. Henry ending ironic
Like folklore oral
Like most garage sale wares used
Mad as a wet hen irate
Major sewer lines mains
Many russet potatoes idahos
Marilyn Monroe facial feature mole
Milestone for a flight student solo
Mullally of 'Will & Grace' megan
Mushroom prized by gourmets morel
Of interest to Audubon avian
Orders from on high dicta
Part of a chain, perhaps isle
Partner of anon ever
Party planner's digital aid evite
Permit to sell Drake's Cakes? devildoglicense
Piano piece for four hands duet
Place for prehistoric art cave
Poker great Ungar stu
Red, Yellow and Black seas
Relieve, as anxiety allay
Reunion attendees kin
Rip to shreds rend
Senate candidate's prize seat
Serpent's place, in Genesis eden
Sharapova of tennis maria
Some craft brews ales
Spyri's Swiss miss heidi
Stitch's adopter, in a Disney movie lilo
STP logo's shape oval
The latest on a 'Family Ties' actor? michaeljfoxnews
Thin layer lamina
Worth a C, maybe soso
YouTube button pause
___ gin fizz (cocktail with egg whites) ramos
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