How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 31 2016

"Major Crimes" channel TNT
"The Farmer in the Dell" syllables HIHO
"Time is money" is one OLDSAW
A handful of SOME
A Ponderosa brother ADAM
According to ALA
Atlantic catch (and a hint to this puzzle's theme) COD
Atlantic City's Steel ___ PIER
Atlas datum AREA
Avoided a tag, say SLID
Be out of sorts AIL
Bean used in falafel FAVA
Black cat, to some OMEN
Blown away AWED
Blu-ray buy DISC
Boot camp exercise CLOSEORDERDRILL
Bump off SLAY
Chef Hall who cohosts "The Chew" CARLA
Cooper's creation CASK
Corday victim MARAT
David who sang "Fame" BOWIE
Davis of "She Hate Me" OSSIE
Defects and all ASIS
Delivers a stemwinder ORATES
Detective Pinkerton ALLAN
Devilish tots IMPS
Duck, as a question EVADE
Duelist's attendant SECOND
Flee from justice GOONTHELAM
Foxx of "Sanford and Son" REDD
Go along with ALLOW
Hands-on spa offerings MASSAGES
Identified on Facebook TAGGED
In a snit IRKED
Insignificant, as gossip IDLE
Kittens' pick-up points NAPES
La Scala highlight ARIA
Like a wink-and-a-nod agreement TACIT
Like spy messages CODED
Lode yield ORE
McDonough of "Suits" NEAL
McKellen who played Magneto IAN
Midas' tragic flaw GREED
Moat denizen, briefly CROC
Mrs. Flintstone WILMA
Natural balm ALOE
Needing a refill LOW
Of the flock LAIC
Online party notice EVITE
Oxygen carriers in blood REDCELLS
Package payment option CASHONDELIVERY
Pad ___ (noodle dish) THAI
Palette choice HUE
Pan Am rival of old TWA
Part of a bedroom set CHESTOFDRAWERS
Pesky kid in "Blondie" ELMO
Polly, to Tom Sawyer AUNT
Pool table edge RAIL
Prom night transport LIMO
Raised, as cattle BRED
Rickety auto CRATE
Salk contemporary SABIN
Shakespearean sobriquet BARD
Sheehy who wrote "Passages" GAIL
Shelter beds COTS
Some cirrus clouds MARESTAILS
Some gallery hangings OILS
Stevie Wonder's "___ Duke" SIR
Turkish monetary unit LIRA
Weed whacker HOE
White-plumed wader EGRET
Words to a solicitor IGAVE
___ judicata RES
___ Valley (Reagan Library site) SIMI
___-dry clothing DRIP
___-jazz (music genre) AVANT
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