How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 24 2012

"Ethyl" or "methyl" ending ENE
"Seize" homophone SEES
"That's all, folks!" voice BLANC
"Who cares?" WHATEVER
"Windows of the soul" EYES
A college at Oxford ORIEL
Agnew under Nixon SPIRO
Amounts of money SUMS
Become accustomed (to) INURE
Cape Canaveral cancellation NOGO
Capitol Hill prizes SEATS
Cellist Ma YOYO
Collar a perp NAB
Dagger partner CLOAK
Debate position ANTI
Do a pitcher's job HURL
Draws back, as water from a beach EBBS
Elbow-to-wrist bone ULNA
Encourage the cast CLAP
Feeling poorly ILL
Fond du ___, Wis LAC
French impressionist Auguste RENOIR
Furnish with new personnel REMAN
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Greek letter CHI
Hamilton foe BURR
Hole for an anchor cable HAWSE
Jagged, like a leaf EROSE
Make a judicial decision RULE
Mesozoic ___ ERA
Mimic APER
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Natural rope fiber SISAL
Nine-day prayer ritual NOVENA
Nobelist Mother TERESA
Not as much LESS
Note on a musical scale SOL
On the say-so of ASPER
One of the Rice Krispies sounds SNAP
Parkinson's medication LDOPA
Passover month NISAN
Paving unit STONE
Preceders of special days EVES
Protractor measurement ANGLE
Reduces to small bits, as potatoes RICES
Rooting places STIES
Rub elbows HOBNOB
Sandwich rolled in a tortilla WRAP
Sans company ALONE
Sheer woven fabric NINON
Siam teacher ANNA
Small terrier type SKYE
Snacks at the bar NUTS
Soap ___ (bathroom grime) SCUM
Some are liberal ARTS
Son of Seth ENOS
Supermarket checkers do it SCAN
Tel ___-Jaffa, Israel AVIV
The drink of the gods NECTAR
Three types of boxes SOAPBREADSTRONG
Three types of boxes MATCHICEPENALTY
Three types of boxes TOOLVOICETACKLE
Timely benefit BOON
Top of some scales TEN
Toward the sheltered side ALEE
Train for the ring SPAR
Two-___ tissue PLY
Violent anger RAGE
Was indebted to OWED
Waterway near the Eiffel Tower SEINE
What alphabetizers ignore, often THE
What de musician plays? DENOTES
Writers' credits BYLINES
___ Brockovich (Julia Roberts title role) ERIN
___ Ivory Wayans KEENAN
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