How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 22 2013

"Beauty and the Beast" character BELLE
"Dear" ones SIRS
"Green Acres" peddler HANEY
"If all ___ fails . . ." ELSE
"Quite contrary" girl MARY
"What ___ the chances?" ARE
112.5 degrees from S ENE
1700, on cornerstones MDCC
200-milligram units CARATS
A hero may hold it DELIMEAT
Adjourn briefly RECESS
All of one's possessions ESTATE
Almond's kin, colorwise ECRU
Analyzes grammatically PARSES
Arrival-board word DUE
Ash or elm, e.g SHADETREE
Belching flames, e.g AFIRE
Bermuda border OCEAN
Big fusses TODOS
Bill of fare CARTE
Billy Ray Cyrus title word ACHY
Blow off steam VENT
Bolstered (up) SHORED
Bubbling, in a way ABOIL
Carried BORNE
Casino bandits? SLOTS
Circuit breakers RELAYS
Cravings YENS
Cul-de-___ SAC
Cut into small pieces CUBE
Cut of beef LOIN
Daisy look-alike ASTER
Daly of "Cagney and Lacey" TYNE
Employer of MDs HMO
Extraordinary brilliance ECLAT
Farm equipment name DEERE
Fictional "Mr." HYDE
Fifth installment of a miniseries PARTV
Fit well together MESH
Focus of some security HOMELAND
Forbid entry to BAR
Gets all stirred up RILES
Good name for a female plumber? FLO
Having the means ABLE
Hurry HIE
Hyphen's cousin DASH
Irish or Welsh ancestor CELT
Kind of module LUNAR
Legal jurisdiction VENUE
Moonshine mix MASH
Music to Manolete's ears OLES
Musical conclusion CODA
Omani or Saudi, e.g ARAB
One who makes people happy ELATER
One-spot cards ACES
Part of a social studies test, often ESSAY
Part of some juice-blend names CRAN
Pillow cover SHAM
Powerful emotion HATE
Put up with ABIDE
Ruckus ADO
Safe, onboard ALEE
Saguaro, for one CACTUS
Santiago's country CHILE
Secret storage spot CACHE
Sharpens HONES
Sophia of film LOREN
Sound in an empty auditorium ECHO
Strands by freezing ICESIN
They sometimes have crosses to bear ALTARS
Thing authorized by the FCC in 1953 COLORTELEVISION
Told a story LIED
Triangular river formation DELTA
Type of citizenship DUAL
Word before a discounted price ONLY
___ gin fizz SLOE
___ Plaines, Ill DES
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