How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 19 2015

"Back in the ___" (Beatles tune) USSR
"Farewell, mon ami" ADIEU
"The Stars and Stripes Forever" composer SOUSA
"Unattractive" Jamaican fruit UGLI
"___ Brockovich" ERIN
"___ I was saying . . ." SOAS
1998 Winter Olympics site NAGANO
Andean land PERU
Antares or Betelgeuse REDGIANT
Arm bone ULNA
Attachment to "pend" SUS
Back of the neck NAPE
Baldwin of "30 Rock" ALEC
Basement condition, for some DANK
Cain's victim ABEL
Camping gear TENT
Cause surface damage to MAR
City of India DELHI
Clad like a barbecuer APRONED
Classified things ADS
Clumsily making it to the end BUMBLINGTHROUGH
Common house pet CAT
Cook, as steaks in an oven BROIL
Couches with backs SOFAS
Cranny's partner NOOK
Declines SAGS
Deer with three-pointed antlers SAMBAR
Deli hero SUB
Delta deposits SILTS
Detach, as a lapel mike UNCLIP
Do a grade school assignment ADD
Dogged little pest FLEA
Dressed CLAD
Dropped, as spirits SANK
Early jazz BOP
Egyptian cobras ASPS
Emulating a drunk STUMBLINGABOUT
Even though ALBEIT
Fluffy feather PLUME
Fly the coop FLEE
Going to the dogs, e.g IDIOM
Groping in the dark, e.g FUMBLINGAROUND
Half a Polynesian island? BORA
Having a cow UPSET
Hershey's toffee bar SKOR
In ___ of (rather than) LIEU
Indian nursemaids AMAHS
Kind of deafness TONE
Less polite RUDER
Lie adjacent to ABUT
Lt.'s subordinate ENS
Muslim prayer leader IMAM
Mystery auth ANON
Neighbor of St. Pete TAMPA
NFL Hall of Famer Warren SAPP
One type of believer DEIST
Opposite of blanco NEGRO
Outward appearances MIENS
Overthrow plotters CABAL
Pasture LEA
Pencil implement ERASER
Plain folk AMISH
Plane measure SPAN
Pool owner's bane ALGAE
Pushed strongly URGED
Salty, as water SALINE
Sign material, sometimes NEON
Simple adding devices ABACI
Thai money BAHTS
They certainly love themselves (var.) NARCISTS
Treat like dirt ABUSE
Type of court OPENAIR
Urge along IMPEL
Walter Cronkite's old boss CBS
War god ARES
Wise leader GURU
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