How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 23 2013

"A ___ formality" MERE
"___ go bragh!" ERIN
A majority of August births LEOS
Anatomy class display SKELETON
Anjou divider LOIRE
Appears dramatically LOOMS
Autumn blossom ASTER
Aviation-related AERO
Big desert of Asia GOBI
Boredom TEDIUM
Capture anew, as a lost love's affection REWIN
Cooking maven Rombauer IRMA
Cymbal sounds CLANGS
D.C. subway system METRO
David's song PSALM
Delta of "Designing Women" BURKE
Devout PIOUS
Disposal fodder ORTS
Drinking vessel GLASS
Earliest stage ONSET
Ebb's relative NEAP
Ending for "for" or "love" LORN
Envelope-pushing EDGY
Expressions of repugnance UGHS
Flower children? SEEDS
Golfer's sunburn spot NAPE
Having the means ABLE
Highest points ACMES
Hosiery choice ECRU
Hotel rental ROOM
It's wasted on the young, it's said YOUTH
Land that's mostly Sahara Desert LIBYA
Like a stereotypical schoolmarm PRISSY
Like lemons SOUR
Loyal TRUE
Lunchtime handful HERO
Monastery resident ABBE
Monitor's beat HALL
Mortgage closing costs POINTS
Mother of Achilles THETIS
Muscat is its capital OMAN
North American flycatcher PEWEE
Not on the level? ASLANT
Notebook projections TABS
Novi Sad resident SERB
Octopus tentacle count EIGHT
Old salts TARS
One learning about the birds and the bees? SON
One of Harpo's brothers CHICO
Online scam PHISHING
Pinings YENS
Places to go to lift your spirits? PUBS
Pleasant surprise TREAT
Poem describing the siege of Troy ILIAD
Predict, as from omens AUGUR
Pro ___ (one way to divide things) RATA
Provide what's missing FILLINTHEBLANKS
Really funny person RIOT
Something to see SIGHT
South American monkey TITI
Steppes rarity TREE
Strong drain cleaner LYE
Thoroughly moisten SOAK
Three, on some clocks III
Thunderbirds' grp USAF
To whom it may concern? SIR
Toupee RUG
Trait carrier GENE
U.N. agency concerned with working conditions ILO
Unexpected benefits BOONS
Watch from the bushes SPY
Wens and such CYSTS
Young's partner in accounting ERNST
___ Kong HONG
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