How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 08 2011

"Hey, over here!" PSST
"It's us against ___" THEM
"Little Bo-Peep ___ lost . . ." HAS
"Try this!" TASTE
2.2-pound unit KILO
Abbr. in a recipe TBSP
Abu Dhabi dignitary EMIR
Acronym for an oil-rich grp. OPEC
Activated again, as a burner RELIT
All over again ANEW
Archaic attachment to "while" ERST
Archipelago components ISLES
Astronomical bear URSA
At any time EVER
Author Emile ZOLA
Bride's new title MRS
Burn a perfume stick CENSE
Cabbage kin KALE
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Conceal, as a coin PALM
Cursed SWORE
Decay ROT
Didn't save SPENT
Ebony counterpart of song IVORY
Feelings of boredom ENNUIS
Feminine side, in Jungian psychology ANIMA
Fill full of bubbles AERATE
Five, for some holes PAR
Fourth rock from the sun MARS
German Chancellor Helmut KOHL
Good chunk of the population MEN
Gun relative? SON
H.H. Munro's pen name SAKI
Ice cream alternative SORBET
Karate blow CHOP
Leave in a hurry MAKETRACKS
Like some statesmen ELDER
Like the walls at Wrigley Field IVIED
Locale of an event VENUE
Manet contemporary RENOIR
Mark of editorial reconsideration STET
Matchsticks game NIM
Member of the lowest Hindu caste SUDRA
Memory-challenged one AMNESIAC
Met solo ARIA
Misty-___ (sentimental) EYED
Organized studio visit TOUR
Passover fare MATZO
Pierced organ EAR
Pilfered STOLE
Potent Polynesian drink KAVA
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Prompt way to arrive ONTIME
Razor-sharp KEEN
Readies an oven PREHEATS
Rigel's constellation ORION
Say aloud to be recorded DICTATE
Scrapes by (with "out") EKES
Site of Germany's 1945 surrender REIMS
Something verboten NONO
Sounds of amazement OOHS
Sovereign's deputy VICEROY
Spicy Asian cuisine THAI
Sufficiently skilled ABLE
Tabby intoxicant CATNIP
Teenager YOUTH
The case of the seamstress? ETUI
Turns sharply ZIGS
TV collie LASSIE
Type of boot in Aspen SKI
Very easy instrument to play KAZOO
Web connection? CAM
___ and Span (cleaner brand) SPIC
___ to one's word TRUE
___ valve (part of an engine) INTAKE
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