How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jun 17 1998

'Rome was not built ...' INADAY
A dissolute elderly man in France ROUE
A foolish mistake, sounds noisy HOWLER
A small religious group SECT
An old inn TAVERN
Approve or underwrite ENDORSE
Canny and sagacious ASTUTE
Containing blemish or imperfection FLAWED
Early bed-time imposed by military CURFEW
Eponymous nymphette created in novel by Nabokov LOLITA
Flat boat or familiar currency PUNT
Frivolous jocularity LEVITY
Handy, serviceable USEFUL
Hero of Virgil's epic poem AENEAS
Introduce new way of doing things INNOVATE
Leave as is, don't alter STET
Medium through which radio signals are transmitted AIRWAVES
Military assistant ATTACHE
Mimicked like tropical bird PARROTED
Mock, jeer TAUNT
Most recent or tardy LATEST
Musical composition with repeated theme FUGUE
Of engine, stops suddenly STALLS
Person seeking appointment to office CANDIDATE
Posited as down payment DEPOSIT
Pregnant or heavy GRAVID
Sheds tears WEEPS
Shocking, outrageous APPALLING
Sides of body between ribs and hips FLANKS
Slabs forming supports for columns PLINTHS
Small and dainty in France PETITE
Specialist in Greek language and learning HELLENIST
Stimulant in tea and coffee CAFFEINE
Tasty tarts with spice in 'em MINCEPIES
Too quick, impetuous HASTY
Write in system of signs or symbols NOTATE
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