How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Dec 11 2012

Arranged into groups SORTED
Blunder explanation OOPS
Certificate of debt BOND
Cheapskate MISER
Contend, vie COMPETE
Convert goods into cash REALISE
Decompose, fall into ruin DECAY
Decorative pin BROOCH
Device to move gas PUMP
Eager to know about something CURIOUS
Expel from the practice of law DISBAR
Fifty per cent HALF
Gemstones produced by molluscs PEARLS
Grimaces, in pain perhaps WINCES
Hairpiece WIG
Hand-warmers GLOVES
Jump lightly SKIP
Large tracks of level land PLAINS
Least risky SAFEST
McCarthy, Walker or Maguire CUP
Medic, in short DOC
Metal camping can for tea BILLY
Mythical stories LEGENDS
Not active or at work IDLE
Obscure, puzzling CRYPTIC
Painting on two panels DIPTYCH
Patterned with alternating squares of colour CHECKED
Performance by one SOLO
Piece of burnt coal CINDER
Questioned or examined thoroughly and closely PROBED
Regret RUE
Small parakeet BUDGIE
Sounds made by bells CHIMES
Stalk, shank STEM
Steady, uniform REGULAR
Supplement to a will CODICIL
System of signalling used by bookies TICTAC
Talking points TOPICS
Unspoken TACIT
Vegetable and seasoning PEPPER
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