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noun - climber having dark red berries (peppercorns) when fully ripe

noun - any of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppers

noun - pungent seasoning from the berry of the common pepper plant of East India


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
Sir, some fresh ground this spice, from Malabar, India, on your salad? No? Too late
Technically, it's superfluous to use this word after "chili"
"Poivre" is French for this, which is sprinkled generously on steak au poivre
To make steak au poivre, cover your meat with this seasoning before broiling or sauteeing
The black seeds in a papaya may be ground & used like this spice
To hit repeatedly with short jabs, or a seasoning that can be ground fresh
In 1997 the price of this spice went up to $2.70 a pound & that's something to sneeze at
Boursin, a rich cheese from Normandy is often flavored with the cracked type of this
The NYC health dept. suggests using the Cayenne type of this on raccoons-- to keep them out, not to season them
Possible Dictionary Clues
a pungent hot-tasting powder prepared from dried and ground peppercorns, used as a spice or condiment to flavour food.
sweet and hot varieties of fruits of plants of the genus Capsicum
pungent seasoning from the berry of the common pepper plant of East India use whole or ground
attack and bombard with or as if with missiles
add pepper to
any of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppers
climber having dark red berries (peppercorns) when fully ripe southern India and Sri Lanka naturalized in northern Burma and Assam
to direct something suddenly and repeatedly at someone, as if attacking the person:
a vegetable that is green, red, or yellow, having a rounded shape, that is hollow with seeds in the middle
a black or cream-colored spice, often used in powdered form, that gives a spicy hot taste to food
Geographic Matches
Pepper, Saint Elizabeth, JAMAICA
Pepper might refer to
Pepper or peppers may refer to:
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