How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) May 08 1999

A pound could make one so ill-bred, bread OAF
After a century the girl may have it and be silly at last CLASS
After a little way an addition would find one in India PATH
As a referee the Academician turns snappish, it seems ARBITER
Before this, might one take the bus and get down to it? ERE
Can such a worker be both saint and R.A.? ARTISAN
Don't go and get yourself covered in pitch TARRY
For deliveries in the rain, that would be blissful NIRVANA
How mouldy so to take your pleasure with a girl! FUNGAL
Hung around the doctor and copied him DRAPED
In Greece that's the beginning and the end of it ALPHAANDOMEGA
In this it's just no go, not oneither side NEUTRAL
In this one is all boxed in as one listens to the East HEARSE
It would be all to the good for them to follow the little bee for the hounds ASSETS
It would not be cheating to make light of this FAIR
It's enough to make one morose to have a crab on it, lying there BED
It's just not in Enid to have sung like this INTONED
Might it be the TUC that is so very 20 down? CUTUP
Might one make a bit of a living in headgear? HABITAT
One might get fed with this and its lid with strings attached FIDDLE
One might of old have gone on ahead to guide the ship HELM
So to turn to her is not the same thing at all OTHER
Sounds as if the man will be never be one's sole support HEEL
That must be the occiput, Da, eh? BACKOFTHEHEAD
That sort of thing for 13 across KIND
That sounds so sheepish, and so yellow, about the girl BANANA
That sounds such a noble way to express admiration LAUD
The offensive sound of a sailor ASSAULT
The short answer about them is that they're vocal ANTHEMS
There may have been a president in the shrubbery BUSH
There's nothing like the A of this HATE
This might get any herbivore into quite a scrape GRAZING
Tossing the caber? HIGHLANDFLING
What one did with 8 down DANCED
What one ought to pay as a matter of policy PREMIUM
Where matured spirits become low spirits? INTHEDOLDRUMS
Would nothing get us put out with the boy? OUSTED
Your old man is up and it's got him down SAD
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