How many letters in the Answer?

The Chronicle of Higher Education Dec 12 2014

'Colossal head' carver of ancient Mexico OLMEC
'Doctor Zhivago' studio MGM
'Trinity' author URIS
'___ at Duke's Place' (1965 jazz album) ELLA
53 Down, often PEST
Apparel GARB
Assemblage of ants ARMY
Bad bagpipe sound, figuratively WHEEZE
Became friendlier WARMEDUP
Cain raiser ADAM
Cleansing of a sort EXORCISM
Collections of pages WEBSITES
Dallas inst SMU
Early chapter in the bio of a former U.S. secretary of state? RICEATNOTREDAME
Early chapter in the bio of a two-time Best Actor Oscar nominee? PITTATMISSOURI
Early chapter in the bio of a Vietnam War-era CIA director? COLBYATCOLUMBIA
Early chapter in the bio of the novelist who wrote 'The Da Vinci Code'? BROWNATAMHERST
Earthworm predator MOLE
Ending for tank, in fashion INI
Expunge ERASE
Failed at logrolling, ultimately GOTWET
Fateful day IDES
Feet or hands, e.g UNITS
Finish, as some doughnuts GLAZE
Fishing maneuver CAST
Forgery-foiling banknote pattern MOIRE
Founder of 37 Across LOEW
Gazpacho ingredient TOMATO
Gravy thickener ROUX
Hoodwink SCAM
Inactive IDLE
Infamous feature of the Nixon White House tapes GAP
Its ex-president is the wealthiest man in Denmark LEGO
Jai ___ ALAI
Joshes RIBS
Kingsley of Britain's 'angry young men' AMIS
Lab manager? LEASH
Like the heredity of mitochondrial DNA MATERNAL
Matchmaker for Tevye's daughters YENTE
Medusa's weapon GAZE
Megaphone wielder's word RAH
Mosque official IMAM
Nautical subject for the poet Apollonius of Rhodes ARGO
Nez Perce National Forest state IDAHO
Niche that might contain holy relics APSE
No-no for a 54 Across MEAT
North Carolina county that borders both Virginia and Tennessee ASHE
Number two: Abbr ASST
On top of the world? POLAR
One of his plays was filmed as 'The Stripper' in 1963 INGE
One topping a pizza with soy cheese, maybe VEGAN
Oracular WISE
Outlaw Kelly NED
Oviedo-to-Madrid dir SSE
Place to brood NEST
Play the balalaika STRUM
Post-Manhattan Project org AEC
Publisher known as 'Father Time' LUCE
Put on the payroll HIRE
Revolutionary whose bathtub is on display in a Paris museum MARAT
Reward for a successful defense, maybe PHD
Second word of 'Moonlight Bay' WERE
Segment of un giorno ORA
Sigh of regret ALAS
Some automatics UZIS
Something taken by new parents? LEAVE
Sourpuss PILL
Stegosaurus array PLATES
Stopwatch button RESET
Sugarloaf Mountain's city, briefly RIO
Take in greedily, perhaps OGLE
Targets of a pediculicide LICE
What igneous rock used to be MAGMA
Whirlpool subsidiary since 2006 MAYTAG
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