How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Sep 15 2016

'70s film that garnered Best Actor and Best Actress Oscars COMINGHOME
'Er ... um ...' IMEAN
'Me too' SOHAVEI
'Slippery' tree ELM
'Waking ___ Devine' (1998 film) NED
'___ we done?' ARE
Annual campus celebration HOMECOMING
Annual, as Mediterranean winds ETESIAN
Atlanta cable inits TBS
Auction bid, at times NOD
Autobahn auto OPEL
Baker and Beale (abbr.) STS
Busy as ___ ABEE
Classic detergent brand RINSO
Collar NAB
Dear fellow, to a Brit OLDCHAP
Dir. from Milan to Munich NNE
Doing some postal work SORTING
Fitting for a furnace, perhaps GASPIPE
Giant slugger Mel OTT
Glass of public radio IRA
Greet roughly PAW
Hamburger serving PATTY
Hardly stars NONAMES
Heavy hammers SLEDGES
Hoarse sound RASP
It may take your breath away APNEA
Largest Catholic fraternal org KOC
Lightbulb, in comic strips IDEA
Like many a couple GOINGSTEADY
Like runs on a diamond, usually EARNED
Long story SAGA
Main course ENTREE
Make ends meet? SEW
Mild smokes CLAROS
More nuts LOONIER
No beauty HAG
Olive stuffing PIMENTO
One of Goldie's 'Laugh-In' costars ARTE
One-liner GAG
Oz visitor TOTO
Pay stub info, briefly YTD
Reply of feigned innocence MOI
River to the English Channel ORNE
Ruckus ADO
Serengeti grazer GNU
Showing chutzpah NERVY
Showing, in a way ONTV
Sights for sore eyes, in the Sahara OASES
Signs of success, on B'way SROS
Simba, for one LION
Some religious artworks PIETAS
Spanish uncle TIO
Sundial letters VII
Sweat TOIL
Terminal abbr POS
The sun, in Seville ELSOL
Typical opening? PROTO
Under the weather ILL
Vegas crime show CSI
Vinyl purchases, for short LPS
Wayne western of 1970 RIOLOBO
West of Hollywood MAE
Where to find Blue Jays and Orioles, briefly ALEAST
Will Smith biopic ALI
With 57-Across, 'It's all so confusing to me!' DONTKNOWWHETHER
___ Friday's TGI
___ nitrate (blood vessel dilator) AMYL
___ noire BETE
___ Pop (2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee) IGGY
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