How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Oct 26 2018

'40s Giant manager ott
'Chillax!' coolit
'NBC Nightly News' anchor Lester holt
'Suppose ... ' say
1492 landing site, now haiti
5-Down's concern incometaxes
AAA and NRA assns
Act to excess emote
Airport near OAK sfo
Alienate turnoff
Arab bigwigs emeers
Aran Islands country: Abbr ire
Assure, as victory ice
B.S. part: Abbr sci
Bad picnic omen ant
Bar shelf lineup ryes
Bit of tomfoolery antic
Bouncy ride, to say the least bronco
Bro on the go? mobilehomie
Call from a cote coo
Cheeky server? freshwaiter
Comics unit panel
Creator of many word lists roget
Decision-making tool coin
Dickens bad guy fagin
Dorm room, perhaps sty
Draw at a pub tap
End that may be untimely demise
End-of-week exclamation tgif
European auto left out in the rain? saturatedfiat
Food for thought? brainmuffin
Former Rocket Ming yao
Gathering of spies intel
Go __ smoke upin
Half-__: coffee choice caf
Hanoi holiday tet
Hasselblad product slr
Horseshoe holder hoof
Hula Hoop manufacturer whamo
Key of Beethoven's Second Piano Concerto bflat
Kingston Trio hit with the lyric 'Fight the fare increase!' mta
Late arriver's cry imadeit
Letter enhancement serif
Many an IRS e-file user cpa
Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs natalie
Midori on the ice ito
Nice handle? nom
Nine-time NHL All-Star orr
One no longer serving exgi
One of four on a keyboard arrow
Org. for pugilists wba
Outwit, as a tail lose
Oven setting broil
Play for a fool use
Prom night coifs updos
Prone to prying nosy
Prove to be untrue belie
Put an end to cease
Rendered immobile hogtied
Result of a yank prank? wedgieissue
River in western Belgium yser
Rocky outcropping tor
Rollicking good time blast
Ruckus fuss
Sailing asea
Sgt.'s underling pfc
Shake things up createastir
Show instability teeter
Slips in pots chits
Some MIT grads ees
Sound system component woofer
Stately shaders elms
Student advocacy gp pta
Taker of ppm measurements epa
They, in Tours ils
Weight adjustment factor tare
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