How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Oct 24 2016

'À votre ___!' SANTE
'Boola Boola' singer ELI
'Garfield' dog ODIE
'Hold it right there!' WHOA
'The Time Machine' people ELOI
1994 Costner role EARP
Abbr. in a help wanted ad EOE
ABC News exec Roone ARLEDGE
Actor Keach STACY
Advice for some losers? DIETTIP
All excited AFIRE
Animal house CAGE
Arctic Circle dweller LAPP
Bad lighting? ARSON
Boutique SHOPPE
Boxer 'Marvelous' Marvin HAGLER
Brews ALES
Capture LAND
Carry away, in a way ELATE
Christian name? DIOR
Cliffside dwelling AERIE
Crème de la crème ALIST
Decorated Murphy AUDIE
Equal PEER
Fishing, perhaps ASEA
Florida's Miami-___ County DADE
Free as ___ ABIRD
Freudian topics EGOS
Friend, to Françoise AMIE
Gut feeling? AGITA
Has a mortgage OWES
Headache helper ASPIRIN
Headwear for British bishops MITRES
Henri de Toulouse-___ LAUTREC
Its capital is Hobart TASMANIA
Kipling's 'Gunga ___' DIN
Lapdog, for short PEKE
Larsson who created Lisbeth Salander STIEG
Lets have the last word DEFERSTO
Like a downsized company SMALLER
Lincoln, for one AUTO
Loiterer in a food court, perhaps MALLRAT
Long vowel indicator MACRON
Member of a baseball All-Star team, for short ALER
Normand of the silents MABEL
Old-fashioned FUSTY
One of the five taste sensations UMAMI
One with a beat COP
Others, in Latin ALII
Passenger problem for a pilot AIRRAGE
Perfect, e.g TENSE
Purchase for a mythological king? MIDASMUFFLER
Purchase for a mythological messenger? HERMESBAG
Purchase for a mythological warrior? AJAXCLEANSER
Purchase for a victorious god? NIKESHOES
Put a new price on RETAG
Sagan of 'Cosmos' CARL
Scandinavian rug RYA
Speed test CARRACE
Spin around WHIRL
Stopped the flow of STANCHED
Summer time JULY
Takeout order TOGO
The 'I' in IV INTRA
Undertake, with 'out' SET
Way, way off AFAR
What the star of the show takes ABOW
___ flu ASIAN
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