How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Oct 01 2018

'Howdy there!' hiya
'Later, Jacques' adieu
'Looks like trouble!' uhoh
'Tik Tok' singer kesha
'Yet another problem?' nowwhat
'__ it first!' isaw
Active ingredient in Advil ibuprofen
Actor Baldwin alec
Angelic figure cherub
Angsty music genre emo
Artist Chagall marc
Author Asimov isaac
Beatles' meter maid rita
Before, poetically ere
Big name in trading cards topps
Brazilian soccer legend pele
Buddhist meditation sites zentemples
Cancún currency peso
Cellist Casals pablo
Chilly cool
Colorful aquarium fish tetra
Complete quickly, as a test zipthrough
Crispy fried chicken part skin
Dog group that includes the Akita spitz
Driving force impetus
Egg-shaped tomato roma
Erector __ set
First Irish Literature Nobelist yeats
Foolish sort twit
Geometry calculations areas
Get the better of oneup
Gold, to José oro
Golf course standard par
Gourmet mushroom morel
Grabbed a chair sat
Heroic sagas epics
Houston MLBer stro
Industry mogul czar
Info dope
Isl. of Australia tasm
Jay of 'Last Comic Standing' mohr
Lake crossed traveling from Ohio to Ontario erie
Lolling trio? els
Lovestruck teen from Verona romeo
Margaret of stand-up cho
Market upswing boom
Miner's strike ore
Mixed-breed barker mutt
More adorable cuter
Mountain and Pacific, e.g timezones
Musical intro prelude
Neeson of 'Silence' liam
Nonspeaking street performer mime
Northern sky sight aurora
Part of GPS: Abbr syst
Pathetic sad
Poet __-tzu lao
Pond growth alga
Praiseful poem ode
Predecessor to Millard Fillmore zacharytaylor
Remove mist from, as a windshield defog
Reporter's contacts sources
Sam of 'Jurassic Park' neill
Some cameras, for short slrs
Sonnet sections stanzas
Sore throat sign rasp
Spellbound agog
Spring melts thaws
Streetcar trolley
Strict rule-enforcement policy zerotolerance
Sushi tuna ahi
Tabloid TV debut of 2007 tmz
Touch lightly tap
Transplant to a new container repot
Tubular pasta ... and a phonetic hint to 17-, 23-, 51- and 60-Across ziti
Unexpected problem snag
Xbox 360 competitor wii
Zeus' jealous wife hera
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