How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post May 18 2016

'Apocalypse Now' setting, briefly NAM
'Balderdash!' BAH
'Blame It on ___' (Michael Caine flick) RIO
'Fa-a-ancy!' OOHLALA
'Family Guy' network FOX
'Fantastic Four' actress Jessica ALBA
'Fiddler on the Roof' matchmaker YENTE
'Lawrence of Arabia' star Peter OTOOLE
'Mighty Aphrodite' star Sorvino MIRA
'Monopoly' card DEED
'Oh, sure!' ASIF
'Ratatouille' rat chef REMY
'Why is everyone looking ___!?' ATME
Adverb synonymous with the phrase formed by the first words of 17-, 27-, 47-, and 63-Across FINALLY
Afire LIT
Angus refusal NAE
Army division UNIT
Attraction DRAW
Ballerina's attire TUTU
Be of ___ (assist) USETO
Bert's Bobbsey twin NAN
Big bang letters? TNT
Bird feeder block SUET
Birth certificate datum SEX
Bob Hope catchphrase BUTIWANNATELLYA
Breathing space ROOM
Buyer's question COST
Capt.'s inferior LIEUT
Champion skier known as the 'Herminator' MAIER
Change addresses, briefly RELO
Cheney's successor BIDEN
Choral voice range ALTO
Citrus taste TANG
Close-fitting TIGHT
CN Tower's prov ONT
Curler's setting ICE
Earthquake response gp FEMA
Epps or Sharif OMAR
Famous fur trader Jacob ASTOR
Fat-free LEAN
Features of some sandals TSTRAPS
Flaxen hue ECRU
Framework? ART
Gets warmer, say NEARS
Glass and Gershwin IRAS
Half hitch or bowline KNOT
Hasn't left ISIN
High-potassium fruit BANANA
Isinglass MICA
K-P connectors LMNO
Kunis of 'That '70s Show' MILA
Late justice Scalia ANTONIN
Lawyers' gp ABA
Less affluent POORER
Like non-Rx drugs OTC
Med. specialist ENT
Musical Merman ETHEL
Musk of Tesla Motors ELON
Piano virtuoso Rubinstein ARTUR
Poker variety STUD
Polar sheet FLOE
Puerto ___ RICO
Regional plant groups FLORAS
Rubbed the wrong way IRKED
Source of steel IRON
Sponge feature PORE
Sticky stationery POSTIT
Sunshine, slangily RAYS
Temperature meas DEG
Ten C-notes THOU
Troubled thoughts ANGSTS
Western timber wolf LOBO
What hailstones do PELT
What the easy path offers LEASTRESISTANCE
Wives, in Spain ESPOSAS
___-pedi (salon service) MANI
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