How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Mar 21 2016

'Dagnabbit!' NERTS
'E pluribus unum,' e.g LATIN
'Kapow!' BOOM
'Knock it off!' STOP
'Oh, very funny!' HOHO
Admin. aides ASSTS
Andy's old radio partner AMOS
Ankh feature LOOP
Apple products IPADS
Apprehension DREAD
Average MEAN
Back up to speed, musically ATEMPO
Break off CEASE
Calculus calculations AREAS
Carpet store meas SQFT
Catcall HISS
Chain with links, familiarly IHOP
Common thing? SENSE
Conspirator against Caesar CASCA
Deep in thought LOST
Did a blacksmith's job SHOED
Downton Abbey employees MAIDS
Football chalk talk symbols XSANDOS
Foxx's Oscar role CHARLES
French noodle? TETE
Frequently bruised bones TIBIAS
Give one the willies SPOOK
Go on a roll GETHOT
Gordie and Elias HOWES
Gut reaction? OOF
Has high hopes ASPIRES
Huxtable boy THEO
In reserve ASIDE
Internet info sources FAQS
It's softer than gypsum TALC
Its quarter says 'Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers' OHIO
Jordanian royal QUEENNOOR
Kyoto costume KIMONO
Least likely to mix SHIEST
Letter choice FONT
Lists of nominees SLATES
Macbeth, for one THANE
Main arteries AORTAS
Melville tale OMOO
Most puckery TARTEST
Multivolume ref OED
N.J. toll road TPK
Notable times ERAS
On ___ (in secret) THEQT
One who'll help you find your balance BOOKKEEPER
OPEC member UAE
Pick up LEARN
Pointer's word THESE
Put up POST
Qualified for employment HIRABLE
Quarterback who led the Dolphins to two consecutive Super Bowls GRIESE
Roman wrap TOGA
Rubbernecker GAPER
Scout's activities GOODDEEDS
South African antelopes RHEBOKS
Spells out, in law CODIFIES
Steps with a sombrero HATDANCE
Sticky substances GOOS
Subject of trade negotiations IMPORTS
Sugar craving SWEETTOOTH
UPS alternative FEDEX
USAF noncom TSGT
Vacuum tube filler ARGON
Valuable violin, for short STRAD
Warhorses STEEDS
Words before retiring IMBEAT
___ a time ONEAT
___ Nostra COSA
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