How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Mar 18 2018

'Extra' set? cohosts
'Lover's Cross' singer croce
'My Little Pony' fan, typically tot
'O' Sanity' singer ono
'Paint It Black' band, informally (Michigan) theflintstones
'Search Party' channel tbs
'Should the opposite happen ...' ifnot
'The Kiss' figures, e.g nudes
'The knives ___ out' are
'___ on fire!' (cry heard in 'NBA Jam') hes
'___ up?' (Iowa) whatamess
. follower edu
. follower com
1970 protest song about Kent State ohio
2001 Sean Penn drama iamsam
3 Stars Brewing Co.'s Southern Belle, e.g ale
ABC news show anchored by George Stephanopoulos thisweek
Address for a certain local govt. official mrmayor
Adverb in a conclusion ergo
Assign stars to (Arizona) temperate
Barbershop clipping tress
Base place diamond
Beat by a hair edged
Big bang cause? tnt
Blow on a mat chop
Bridge opening bid
Burkina Faso neighbor niger
Call heard while in line next
Checks out rudely ogles
Clearings glades
Composer who set the poem 'In the Bleak Midwinter' to music holst
Concluded over
Cooked, as some steaks panfried
Curry born in Guam ann
Dangerous snakes adders
Deity incarnated as Mr. Wednesday in 'American Gods' odin
Deliveries on Sunday sermons
Drawing in enticing
Dress, for a formal, e.g attire
Durable boot feature steeltoe
Emulate a rodent gnaw
Enjoy Wh___ies, say eat
Enos's grandmother eve
Expo giveaway, maybe tote
Faith followed by many R&B fans evans
Family guy? mafioso
Fleece (Montana) sheabutter
Four-time NBA All-Star Game MVP Bob pettit
Ginormous vast
Go after seek
God honored at the ancient Pythian Games apollo
Hairy hominids apes
Handle manage
Handling perfectly acing
In a red state? mad
Include have
Informal negative aint
Iron Age European celt
It's chewed on a farm cud
January woe flu
Japanese honorific san
Judge profiled in the 1996 book 'Outrage' ito
Levels strata
Like 'The American Dream' by Edward Albee oneact
Like a certain wolf (Utah) provolone
Like a spy's messages coded
Like geometric theorems proven
Like Neil Young's voice nasal
Like one's own tongue native
Low-cost smokes stogies
Make a quick exit flee
Makes sound heals
Marks in a list commas
Mel who wore No. 4 ott
Minor issue nit
More piercing noisier
Morning news program today
Nat ___ Wild (cable channel) geo
Needing extra time, say tied
NHL infraction that isn't called on the shorthanded team during a power play icing
Officer's vehicle, so named for its communication device radiocar
One influenced by Marx's philosophy maoist
One issuing edicts ruler
Opposite of vicious kind
Orwell's alma mater eton
Parsley bits sprigs
Part of a microscope eyelens
Part of a sofa armrest
Part of a Sundance film character's nickname? kid
Pine for want
Player featured in many Albinoni concertos oboist
Price of old movies vincent
Pumpkin hon
Questel who voiced Olive Oyl mae
Quiet Marx harpo
Radial pattern tread
Raise, as one's spirits elate
Recess under a dome apse
Red club sox
Rite answer ido
Riverbank structure levee
Rock with viscosity magma
Rod and Todd's TV mom maude
Saharan arid
Sanford of 1970s TV isabel
Seasonal rings wreaths
See 89 Down apple
See 90 Across men
Silverstein with two Grammy Awards shel
Site of Bears touchdowns? ohare
Skip omit
Small colony member (New Hampshire) concordant
Soap opera tropes comas
Some enemies in 'World of Warcraft' imps
Spa treatment (Nevada) perenoel
Spiritually enlightens edifies
Squircle, e.g shape
Stinging polyps anemones
Stink ado
Stink odor
Striker in a bar cue
Subjects of Huascar incas
Succeeds despite struggles hangson
Target activity skeet
The first 20 of 20-20, say (Pennsylvania) wineries
Things created by moths (Arizona) homesales
Took the L, say rode
Tools with teeth rakes
Tree growth moss
Unlike many Alban Berg compositions tonal
Vessel with a vacuum thermos
Water carriers, at times (Pennsylvania) readingglasses
Waters who made money for making 'Money' roger
Wet blanket? tarp
When a shift may begin nineam
With 105 Down, one causing trouble bad
With 11 Down, some seizure professionals repo
Women's hockey gold medalists at the 2018 Winter Olympics usa
Wonderland bird dodo
Yen in many martial arts movies donnie
Youngest March sister amy
___ Buckland ('Scrubs' lawyer) ted
___ of knowledge fount
___-metal (rock genre) alt
'Dead __ Society': 1989 film poets
'Hamilton' award tony
'Not a chance!' myeye
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author auel
'Trinity' novelist uris
'Tristram Shandy' author sterne
'__ Not There': Zombies hit shes
23rd of 24 psi
80%-Disney-owned channel espn
97-Across output rte
Actress Helen with her personal programmer? huntandtech
Adorable one cutie
Alley in comics oop
Animated sparky
Author Binchy maeve
B, in a sandwich bacon
Bag by the barbecue charcoal
Bastes, say sews
Big-eyed bird owl
Bird related to the noddy tern
Brand that's a homophone of its company's initials esso
Bridget Riley's 'Movement in Squares,' e.g opart
Brusque orchestral violinists? tersestrings
Bush boss reagan
Call for icing, maybe swellup
Card game shout uno
Card in a wallet visa
CD part disc
Child with a sponsor, maybe godson
Chocolate-loving gang? cocoatoughs
Complex story saga
Deli choice rye
Does penance (for) atones
Doesn't hold back vents
Done with ridof
Educates schools
Extra more
Finished over
Florida NFLer buc
Forgo waive
Former 'Today' co-host vieira
Gets more friendly, with 'up' warms
Giuseppe's god dio
Glittery rock geode
Golf bag set irons
Got hot online trended
Granite St. campus unh
Groom on a 1952 Life cover abner
Half-__: coffee order caf
Head honcho, e.g magnate
High time boom
Hit hard slug
Holiday drink nog
Homer's 'Northeaster,' for one seascape
Honey beverage mead
Ideal areas edens
Informal pricing words apop
It borders three oceans asia
It gives you the big picture imax
It may be given with a bow present
It's often stained deck
Italian noble family este
John follower acts
Joke gag
Just barely, at the track byanose
Kids responsible for breakfast bread? toastergirls
Kiss at the mall, briefly pda
Knockoff hr fivepm
Language that gives us 'kayak' inuit
Large crosses roods
Letters before Q? lgbt
Like many Bing Crosby records mono
Like two Beethoven piano sonatas ine
Limited-choice, as a question yesno
Limo amenity minibar
Lit soused
Literally, 'shady side' yin
Logician's letters qed
Low choristers bassi
Lumberyard supplier axer
Lunch with fish tunasub
Lures tempts
Measurement for meat rotating on a spit? roasttorque
Middle eye layer uvea
Most highly regarded seasoning? tarragonofvirtue
Musician's suffix ist
Mystify bemuse
N.Y. neighbor que
Nats pitcher González gio
Near the start earlyon
O'Neill's daughter oona
Old Eurasian rulers tsars
One of a program dozen step
Oscar __ snub
Part of the woods? neck
Peaks acmes
Pie nut pecan
Pipes and such plumbing
Place to grab a bite eatery
Portends bodes
Powerful mighty
Prepares potatoes, in a way whips
Promise pledge
Put on hire
Quick quality wit
Radio tuning shortcut preset
Randy Johnson and Aroldis Chapman lefties
Really mess up ruin
Rex in the classics oedipus
Sacred scroll torah
Saddlebag carrier ass
Seating option aisle
Security briefing org cia
See 83-Across gps
Shed molt
Side edge
Singer DiFranco ani
Ski resort refreshment? newsnow
Slant spin
Slow and steady gradual
Soft shoe moc
Source of film trivia imdb
Staple __ gun
Start of a sad tale alas
Sticking point? craw
Stink todo
Straights and flushes hands
Talking point? lectern
Town burg
Two-letter pop group abba
Vanishing sound poof
Wall covers panels
Wanderer vagabond
Welcome seein
Well-ventilated chef's hat? toquefullofholes
Where some pounds are spent: Abbr leb
Wine adjective oaky
Words often about details spareme
Yalta Conference notable stalin
Yogi Bear co-creator hanna
Zagreb native croat
__ collar eton
__ de coeur: amorous relationship affaire
__ vivant bon
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