How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jun 26 2016

'Cutting It: In the ___' (reality show about Georgia-based hairstylists) ATL
'No way!' IWONT
'Walkie-talkies' connected by string TINCANS
2013 Katy Perry song with the lyric 'Louder, louder than a lion' ROAR
Actor Rogen of 'Superbad' SETH
Alley cats STRAYS
Barter SWAP
Bomb set off in the desert in 1987? ISHTAR
Break down PARSE
Brooklets RILLS
Bulb grown in the Noordoostpolder in Flevoland TULIP
Chimney creeper SANTA
Citi Field instigator MRMET
Contract actor's employer STUDIO
Convene again RESIT
CPR expert EMT
Cries of surprise AHAS
Crushes to a pulp PUREES
Curtin and Campion JANES
Dry out, in a way SOBERUP
Enter by the droves STREAMIN
European peninsula IBERIA
Extreme ULTRA
Faux gold ORMOLU
Floppy topper TAM
Food with a shell that displays the golden ratio ESCARGOT
Fudd featured in 'Rabbit Seasoning' ELMER
Giraffes' cousins OKAPIS
High jinks ANTICS
Highly anticipated appointments HOTDATES
Hit home SANKIN
Hyphenated ID SSN
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!, for one OLEO
ICU workers RNS
Island near Corsica ELBA
It's a sin TRESPASS
Italian skiing legend Alberto TOMBA
Key for getting out of a jam? ESC
Lab coat SMOCK
Law office worker, for short PARA
Leb. neighbor ISR
Like push-button cars KEYLESS
Longtime U.K. record label EMI
Magazine with the slogan 'Fierce, Fun, and Fabulous' ESSENCE
Manipulatively maudlin movie TEARJERKER
Monogram of the inventor of the phonograph TAE
Move for a dumbbell? CURL
Naturalistic genre with hard-to-hear dialogue MUMBLECORE
No dumb bunny SMARTASAWHIP
Obsequious flattery SMARM
People also called the Tenochca AZTECS
Perennial from a bulb or a rhizome IRIS
Polynesian menu platter PUPU
Races and cares, for example ANAGRAMS
Shaggy-coated sheepdogs PULIS
Some self-help spoutings, say PSYCHOBABBLE
Stern request to an unresponsive responder ANSWERME
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
Taoism founder LAOTSE
Think piece, perhaps ESSAY
Thomas of 'That Girl' MARLO
Too-too boho ARTSY
Type ILK
Urban air problem SMAZE
Varicolored diamond design ARGYLE
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