How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jul 10 2011

'A ___ is never finished, only abandoned': Paul Valéry POEM
'By the Waters of Babylon' writer BENET
'Find another seat' ITSTAKEN
'I Don't Like to Sleep Alone' singer ANKA
'I get it now' OHOK
'Once Were Warriors' people MAORI
'The Song That Goes Like This' musical SPAMALOT
1930s crime figure gunned down by the FBI MABARKER
Alternative to cords CHINOS
Annamite Mountains setting INDOCHINA
Au ___ (fully informed) FAIT
Australian novelist Astley THEA
Bass line? ALES
Bit of fan fare PEANUT
Blue-and-white English export SPODE
Candy shape CANE
Canon fodder? TENETS
Defensive comeback AMSO
Detroit sports great Thomas ISIAH
Diocletian's tongue LATELATIN
Doesn't stray from, as a schedule KEEPSTO
Especially SUCH
Go through again ITERATE
Hamm part DRAPER
Hard to clean, maybe GUNKY
High-pressure habitat SEALAB
Hit back? BSIDE
Home of Homs: Abbr. SYR
House of Fabergé patron TSAR
Item on Oklahoma's state flag PEACEPIPE
Laundry list, so to speak LITANY
Layered entree MOUSSAKA
Letters in a red oval STP
Like some goals EMPTYNET
Locale with a famed grotto PLAYBOYMANSION
Longtime companion of de Beauvoir SARTRE
Lose strength ATROPHY
Mad specialty SENDUP
Made speculations OPINED
One at the top of the order ABBESS
One end of a radius: Abbr. CTR
Only Triple Crown winner who wasn't Horse of the Year OMAHA
Park feature, at times THEME
Posthaste APACE
Prefix with hertz TERA
Prison name chanted in 'Dog Day Afternoon' ATTICA
Pro's opposite NEOPHYTE
Put some teeth into SAWED
RB stat YDS
Sarah impersonator TINA
Sideshow ___ (character on 'The Simpsons') MEL
Site of several kibbutzim NEGEV
Some WikiLeaks releases MEMOS
Stable electron group, often OCTET
Stars in a rotation ACES
Stern stroke UPBOW
Sylvan deity DRYAD
The Swiss Alps' ___ Glacier RHONE
Use dominos.com, say ORDERIN
What a ringer rings STAKE
Windows may have them installed, briefly ACS
Word in the Boy Scout Law COURTEOUS
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