How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Dec 12 2016

''The Satanic Verses' was sooo good!''? WHATARUSHDIE
'Check it out!' GOSEE
'Fear and Loathing in ___ Vegas' LAS
'Jurassic Park' beast RAPTOR
'Just ___ thought!' ASI
'Persuasion' heroine ___ Elliot ANNE
'Star Wars' protagonists REBELS
'___ we meet again' UNTIL
About 1.06 quarts LITER
Admirable quality ASSET
Alternative to Froot Loops TRIX
Andre Agassi, for one? TENNISBALDY
Barker or Owen CLIVE
Barry's love interest on 'The Flash' IRIS
Calf-length skirt MIDI
Chicago mayor Emanuel RAHM
Christ the Redeemer locale, briefly RIO
Compete VIE
Copy cats? MEOW
Discontinue END
Distort, as data SKEW
End of a Coast Guard officer's email address MIL
Faceless cousin of '60s TV ITT
Fraught with danger DIRE
Frogs-to-be TADPOLES
Get all lovey-dovey CUDDLE
Grade that can't be topped APLUS
Greasy-feeling mineral TALC
Hall's partner in pop OATES
Herd animal of the Andes LLAMA
Improvises, in jazz VAMPS
Issue forth EMIT
It's not worth trying to repair TOTALLOSS
It's orbited by Miranda URANUS
Jogging paces TROTS
Leaves at the altar JILTS
Letter in a dollar sign ESS
Licensing org DMV
Lieutenant AIDE
Little crawler sometimes called a roly-poly PILLBUG
Made use of a bench SAT
Many-stringed instrument HARP
Meadow bleat BAA
Member of a shipboard revolt MUTINEER
Menacing look GLARE
Name on a rap sheet, perhaps ALIAS
Non-studio pic INDIE
Nonchalant assents YEPS
November honorees VETS
One-on-one Olympic sport EPEE
Open, as a bow UNTIE
Periodic Pacific current ELNINO
Peter of 'Young Frankenstein' BOYLE
Pilgrims' destination MECCA
Pointing supermodel Klum in the right direction? AIMINGHEIDI
Post-ER destination ICU
Pulling no punches BLUNT
Quit chocolate cold turkey? KICKTHECANDY
Rapper in court GAVEL
Redbox transaction DVDRENTAL
Schedule maker's abbr TBA
School on the Thames ETON
Second opening? NANO
Settle conclusively CLINCH
Sir Walter Scott hero IVANHOE
Sisters of Greek myth GRACES
Skin cream ingredient LANOLIN
Substance banned by the EPA DDT
Symbols on a moonshine jug XES
They're checked at LAX IDS
Triangular sail JIB
Type of energy KINETIC
Used indelicate language SWORE
West Jordan's state UTAH
Whirlpools EDDIES
___-jongg MAH
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