How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Apr 23 2017

'Amarantine' Grammy winner ENYA
'Canst thou not minister to __ diseased': Macbeth AMIND
'Isn't that something!' IDODECLARE
'Kon-__' TIKI
'Me too!' SODOI
'That being the case ... ' IFSO
'Yowza!' JEEZ
'__ who?' SEZ
1983-'84 #1 hit 'Say Say Say,' say DUET
Admission of deceit ILIED
After-dinner drink DECAF
All ears RAPT
Anglican priest VICAR
Annual Vietnamese celebration TET
Avril follower MAI
B&B, e.g INN
Bandit chaser of film SMOKEY
Bank insurance? LEVEE
Beach letters SPF
Blood relative? FLESH
Boring bit AUGER
Bouncing babies? JOEYS
Breaks the rules CHEATS
Caribou, e.g DEER
City north of Des Moines AMES
Clog or pump SHOE
Coagulate CLOT
Common soccer score ONEONE
Copyists of yore SCRIBES
Dental problem DECAY
Diamond family name ALOU
Didn't get a say HADTO
Disney doe ENA
Drops off ABATES
During contract talks, a cruise ship's crew __ MISSEDTHEBOAT
During contract talks, a divers' group __ WENTOFFTHEDEEPEND
During contract talks, a fighters' club __ TOOKTHEGLOVESOFF
During contract talks, a marching band __ STEPPEDOUTOFLINE
During contract talks, a postal union __ PUSHEDTHEENVELOPE
During contract talks, a veterinarians' association __ FOUGHTLIKECATSANDDOGS
During contract talks, an opera company __ FACEDTHEMUSIC
Enero, por ejemplo MES
Eternally EVERMORE
Fragrant shrub LILAC
Fritters away WASTES
General of culinary fame TSO
Get ready to surf LOGON
Gives the once-over EYEBALLS
Good 'pocket' holding in Hold 'em PAIR
Greater N.Y. school LIU
In a precipitous fashion STEEPLY
Inactive IDLE
Instrument with a flared bell OBOE
Jacob's first wife LEAH
Jazzman Saunders MERL
Jefferson, theologically DEIST
Key above F GFLAT
Large chamber group NONET
Large chamber groups OCTETS
Last word of Joyce's 'Ulysses' YES
Latin 101 word ERAT
Lawn invaders WEEDS
Lotion additive ALOE
Many a chalet AFRAME
Memorable times ERAS
Miles away AFAR
Modern read EBOOK
Monastic titles FRAS
Most artful SLIEST
Mythical hunter DIANA
N.Y. neighbor QUE
Nile menace CROC
Nimble LITHE
Not just happen once RECUR
Nuke ZAP
Number-picker's game KENO
Numbskull DOLT
Numéro avant six CINQ
Oenophile's adjective OAKY
Old French coin ECU
One awarding stars, perhaps RATER
One of the original Monopoly tokens still in use TOPHAT
One-handed Norse god TYR
Panache STYLE
Paris divider SEINE
Part of a cast ACTOR
Part of BC: Abbr COLL
Peak seen from Grindelwald ALP
Peter Fonda title role ULEE
Philip of 'Kung Fu' AHN
Physics particle ION
Pierre's st SDAK
Plot twist IRONY
Potbellies STOVES
Power connections PLUGS
Pre-1868 Tokyo EDO
Prefix with dermal ENTO
Private nonprofits: Abbr NGOS
Reporter's query HOW
Robin Hood foe PRINCEJOHN
Ruckus HOOHA
Runs through a sieve RICES
Set, as a trap BAITED
Shuts up, with 'down' PIPES
Spacious ROOMY
Spelunkers' haunts CAVES
Spotted SEEN
Square dance figure CALLER
Squat NONE
Squat ZERO
Starfleet VIP CMDR
Steamed IRATE
Stomach ABIDE
Stopped HALTED
Summer hrs DST
Thomas associate ALITO
Unlucky gambler's wishful words IMDUE
Video game letters NES
Virtuous CHASTE
Vortex EDDY
Wash off RINSE
Webster, notably ORATOR
Winner of the first two Super Bowl MVPs STARR
Woody and others ALLENS
Yogurt topping GRANOLA
Your of yore THY
Zoo sights CAGES
Zooey's role in 'New Girl' JESS
__ Age STONE
__ box FUSE
__ hour HAPPY
__ speak SOTO
__ story SOB
__ und Drang STURM
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