How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana Sep 24 2018

Actress Farrow mia
Belgian river oise
Bicycle mfgr ccm
Blunder gaffe
Bob_____ (Former Ontario premier) rae
Born as nee
Broadcast air
Brother fra
Canadian field crop with ears corn
Cereal grain grown for the brewing industry barley
Craven low
Depend rely
Distant afar
Each and every all
Embrace hug
Equipage rig
Expel emit
Expert ace
Fair flaxen
Family kin
Fellow chap
Fiance, to Francois beau
Hawaiian greeter leis
Historical mainstay of Canadian prairie agriiculture wheat
Humanities arts
Immeasurable period of time eon
Indian noblewoman rani
Its ____ asin
King of the huns atli
Layer ply
Legumes beans
Linseed oil seed grown on the Canadian prairies flax
Macaws ara
Mauna ____ loa
Meadowland lea
Mirth glee
Morose sad
Name, to Normande nom
Napkin ring nef
Odes or sonnets poems
Ogled eyed
Opposed anti
Organic compound enol
Other else
Passenger car auto
Pecked at nibbled
Percussion instrument triangle
Pillage ransack
Platter tray
Popular family veh suv
Prairie farmers' rehabilitation org pfra
Prairie oil seed field crop canola
Preamble intro
Rage ire
Ravenous fresh water fish piranha
Remain stay
Riviere des Mille ____ iles
RN's forte tlc
Roues rakes
Rut groove
Sea weed kelp
Swiss river aare
Tavern pub
Took advantage of imposed
Wastewater effluent
_____ Levesque rene
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