How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 20 2007

''. . . __ he drove out of sight'' ERE
''Doctor'' of rap DRE
''Get lost!'' BEATIT
''Go, matador!'' OLE
''Okay!'' FINE
''The American Century'' author EVANS
About 4% of whole milk FAT
Actress Turner LANA
Auction advisory ASIS
Author Fleming IAN
Beach shoe SANDAL
Bite to eat SNACK
Capote, to friends TRU
Cherry or walnut WOOD
Choir accompaniment ORGAN
Come home exhausted DRAGIN
Cookie Monster's home PBS
Cry from the bleachers WERENUMBERONE
Cry from the bus driver MOVETOTHEREAR
Cry on a warship CLEARTHEDECKS
Cry out loud SOB
Dental work CAP
Depends (on) RELIES
Eleven, in Lyons ONZE
Eyre's creator BRONTE
Factual TRUE
For rent TOLET
Funicello's frequent costar AVALON
Gin-joint inventory BOOZE
Go back REVERT
Go separate ways PART
Got up ROSE
Health resorts SPAS
Hiking trail PATH
History, so to speak OVER
It's west of Que. ONT
Jeweled crown TIARA
Lamb's pen name ELIA
Leftovers dish HASH
Letters on a memo ATTN
Muffin topping OLEO
Navigator PILOT
Noah's handiwork ARK
Not for kids RATEDR
NOW project ERA
One chip, perhaps ANTE
Orange covers PEELS
Part of a tire TREAD
Pharmaceutical-regulating agcy. FDA
Poe's middle name ALLAN
Poetic work ODE
Portnoy's creator ROTH
Quilters' convocation BEE
Quite generous BIG
Rec rooms DENS
Section for Masses NAVE
Singer Baker ANITA
Sis' sibling BRO
Snake charmer's snake COBRA
Speak derisively SCOFF
Spoken ORAL
St. Pete neighbor TAMPA
Start of a street FOOT
String quartet, e.g. ENSEMBLE
Take at the arena GATE
Tension STRESS
Thin board SLAT
Throng HORDE
Trawler equipment NETS
Wanderer NOMAD
Waterproof cloak PONCHO
What's left out OMISSION
Worker's incentive BONUS
Yale student ELI
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