How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 13 2006

''Happy Birthday __'' TOYOU
''Little Caesar'' role RICO
''Nah!'' UHUH
''The Balcony'' playwright GENET
''__ the word!'' MUMS
Abba of Israel EBAN
Analyze grammatically PARSE
Author Ferber EDNA
Be slack-jawed GAPE
Beachlike SANDY
Big Apple sch. NYU
Boxer's target CHIN
Bring to bear EXERT
Bullpen stats ERAS
Candice Bergen's dad EDGAR
Chum PAL
Coarse file RASP
Curtain holder ROD
Cylindrical sandwich WRAP
Designer Kamali NORMA
Dickens character Heep URIAH
DJ's stack CDS
Emcee Trebek ALEX
Empty talk YATATA
Enjoy a lot SAVOR
Excessively TOO
Father of Thor ODIN
Fender flaw DING
Floor model DEMO
Fork over PAY
Formal decree EDICT
French author NIN
Gymnast Mary Lou RETTON
Harness-race pace TROT
Has a yearning (for) LONGS
HBO competitor SHO
Hefty horn TUBA
Herding pooch SHEEPDOG
Hiker's path TRAIL
Hole number PAR
Lying face up SUPINE
MacLaine/Bancroft film of '77 THETURNINGPOINT
Mature enough to harvest RIPE
Messy places STIES
Mine transport TRAM
Newsman Koppel TED
Office seeker, for short POL
Opposite of exo- ENDO
Ouija board answer YES
Part of AD ANNO
Part of TGIF ITS
PIN takers ATMS
Plays the lead STARS
Quaking trees ASPENS
Really overcook BURN
Retired speedsters SSTS
Seek a treat, as a terrier BEG
Served perfectly, in tennis ACED
Shaving mishap NICK
Sports tiebreaker OVERTIMEPERIOD
Still in the game ALIVE
Suffix for billion AIRE
Tack on ADD
Tagged along CAME
The one close by THIS
Thick, as carpet PLUSH
Tubular pasta PENNE
TV signal component AUDIO
UN leader ANNAN
V-sign's meaning PEACE
Viewpoint page OPED
Wall climber VINE
What some auto mirrors provide REARVIEW
Where Columbus meant to go INDIA
Willy played by Depp WONKA
Wise one SAGE
Word form for ''farming'' AGRI
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